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About us

New York Friends is a group of friends created to get to know people in New York, FREE OF CHARGE. We are NOT an enterprise, but a group of old good friends, enthusiastic about doing activities in New York and meeting new interesting people.

New York Friends is a place to make friends in New York and activities in New York and it is NOT a place exclusively for dating; we don t offer any other service than our friendship, if you re interested in it. You are ashamed of coming.... All of us from the group Friends in New York were ashamed the first time (and very much :D), but you have to leave your shame at home and think that you have nothing to lose, and a lot to win. We encourage you to meet people in New York, to do something different and we give you a possibility to make new friends in New York.

If you want to know more about New York friends you can check our pictures. In our group of friends in New York, every weekend we organize an activity in New York or surrounding area, we are searching for people willing to participate and also to create activities, not-for-profit. You can contact us for any doubt using the Contact option. We encourage you to register in New York friends and we wish you good luck with meeting people in New York

Welcome to Friends New York.