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The owner of New York city friends is Alexandre Mora Lopez

1.1. By means of this notice New York friends, with e-mail address assumes responsibility of the files containing personal data provided by the users of this website and hereby informs the users of this website of its Privacy Policy regarding the Protection of Personal Data, in accordance with current laws.
1.2. The user expressly authorizes his personal data to be published on this website by publishing and communicating the same to anyone who visits, views, or uses the services of the website.
1.3. Alexandre Mora López hereby declares that personal data, including images and any other content shared by its data processors will be used and published in this website in accordance with the limits specified by the user.
1.4. Alexandre Mora López may contact the User by all means including electronically regarding its products and services. New York city friends may contact the user about commercial sectors related to Internet business. Should you not consent to receive commercial messages, please inform us via e-mail:
1.5. Alexandre Mora López may transfer all of the personal information of its data processors, including images of the user, to the social networking site with the prior consent of the user by checking the box provided to this effect in the registration form.
1.6. To fulfill the above forms or for the insertion of an advertisement, it is essential and mandatory acceptance of the Privacy Policy , giving their express consent to the Alexandre Mora López to publish data and / or other content provided by the user


The owner of New York city friends is Alexandre Mora Lopez
2.1. The legitimate user and owner of the personal data may, at any time, exercise his/her rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting Alexandre Mora López by postal mail or via e-mail listed above.
2.2. By this notification, the User is required to provide his/her personal identification data, a photocopy of valid identity or documents of a similar nature, as well as his/her mailing address, telephone number, contact person, and e-mail, all of which will be used with the purpose of verifying the individual's identity.


3.1. Alexandre Mora López guarantees the absolute privacy and confidentiality of all communications with the user, as well as the due and diligent handling of the personal data provided by the user, notwithstanding the implied publication of such through the placement of said advertisements on this website by the user.
3.2. Alexandre Mora López pledges to protect all confidential information, refrain from disclosing any data that is processed, except in the event that the law expressly requires it, or when relevant law enforcement authorities require it in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the case.
3.3. Alexandre Mora López pledges to implement the organizational security measures in accordance with the current state of technology aimed at ensuring the protection of personal data.
3.4. Notwithstanding the latter, it is the user's responsibility to protect his/her login and password used to access this website. The user is aware and understands that his/her login and password are the only way that Alexandre Mora López can validate the user's identity and that any third party communication without the authorization of Alexandre Mora López could result in identity theft, which the user ultimately bears responsibility for.


4.1. The user is solely responsible at all times for providing accurate personal data. Alexandre Mora López reserves the right to deny services to any and all individuals who provide false, vague, or inaccurate information, notwithstanding any other legal actions that this may incur.
4.2. The user expressly declares that he/she is the owner of all data, including images, published on this website by said user. User is the sole liable party for any incidents that may arise to the contrary.
4.3. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the use of nicknames or aliases to identify the users on this website shall not be considered a lack of accuracy, provided this does not hinder the true identity of such users or the services that this website provides.


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