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Yoga New York

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Yoga group in New York, learn yoga in New York, raja yoga, karma yoga or gnana yoga, hatha yoga or other variants.

  • Looking for people to practice yoga with

    08 jul   New York


    My name is Miriam and I am from New York. I am very much interested into healthy excercises and organic food, and I pay a lot of attention to what I eat and when. I would like to meet more people who share similar ambitions, so people who are vehans and vegeterians also, or simply people who appreciate organic food.

    Also I would love to start practicing yoga more often and I am looking for friends or people who enjoy this same thing. It would be so nice to meet up in a park one day and just meditate, do yoga and meet each other. Do you agree?

    Dane hello Miriam I would be interested!
    08/07/2014 yes I agreed...text me 919947364095
    YogaBoyEli Hi Miriam, I practice yoga. 347.620.4752
  • People to practice yoga

    01 feb   New York

    Hi People!

    I'm new to the site, I would like to meet people interesting to practice yoga.

    See you soon!!!!

    YogaBoyEli Hello Sharon, I practice yoga. I live in NYC, I-m looking forward speaking to you. Eli 347.620.4752

  • yoga and meeditation, also dancing workshops!

    29 jun   New York

    Hey people!

    My girfriend and I have a yoga school in New York! We are teching yoga, meddiattions also dancing and kapuera! We are always welcoming new students and we are more than glad when we see how well people can progress in our classes.

    Since summer has started we are opening workshops for mediations mosty,  also yoga and kundalini and finaly my partner willl preforme a few workshops for dancing and relaxing the body.

    If you are intersted to attent please inform me. Bring your friends or familly and joing together for a few very good workshops in the summer! Namaste...

  • Looking for love and friends

    03 aug   New York name is medBoy am looking for love and friends.The boy from tanzania check me whatsapp please 255657063949
  • I am looking for people who want to practice Yoga classes

    10 apr   New York

    Dear friends, my name is Laura and I am a yoga teacher that has just finished her training in Costa Rica. I am back from travelling and I am opening a small yoga studio in NYC. I am looking for people who want to practice their mind and body through yoga classes. For more info message me.

  • Meeting people for yoga, hiking, dance... in New York

    18 jan   New York

    Hi! I'm Jane!

    I'm new in the site and I would like to meet people for dance, hiking, yoga...

  • yoga workshops for breathing

    07 jun   New York

    My name is Nina and I am a yoga teacher. I am making yoga workshop this Sunday in Hide Park during the morning hours. The workshop will be focused mostly on Kundalini and breathing, its a free activity opened for anybody to participate, especially pregnant women.

    Dona amazig ill bring my friends and wed love to come! Om
    Amir nice! i would come for sure!
  • yoga and meditation session

    31 may   New York

    My name is Terra and I am a joga teachr. I would like to invite everybody to come and joing my Sunday mornings workshops. I have been organizing these worksops every year at the same time. The group does yoga class in the park, outdoors. Om

    Sally amazing,,count on me!
    Veranda way the go! me too...
  • yoga and meditation, meet people

    19 may   New York

    Hi I would like to start yoga classes and I would love to meet more people that would like to join me! I think there are two or tree schools that I think are good but I am open for any suggestions. So people lets do yoga all together. If there is more people wannting to join, better!

    Holly i love the idea, I would go!
    Hellen wow, when do we start?

  • Yoga classes in New York with friends

    15 apr   New York

    Hey people I would like to invite you to join the yoga classes we are organizing in the park once a week. We are a group of people who practice joga regularly and we are always welcoming new people. 

    Tara This is interesting! I am in!
    Britney count me in as well...
    Ben well done guys! keep it up!