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Whatsapp New York

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Whatsapp group in New York, find Whatsapp groups to find out numbers of men and women, Whatsapp contacts in New York
  • Whats up group for friendships

    Tom, 35 New York

    Hi everyone,

    I am Tome and I am from New York. I love being social and outside of the house all the time. I usally go to many events like music events, art events etc. So I thought what would be the best way for people to geth together and share their experiences.

    I would love to open a whats up group for friendships which would be an open discussion group for everybody to c...

  • are you single?.....whats up

    Aubrey, 36 New York

    hey lets open a whats up where you can meet and chat with other singles looking for love. This could be a nice way of meeting dates, soulmate or love. The name of whats up group would be singles chat up! Let me know what do you all think?

  • I want to meet friends that are trust worthy.

    Oniel123, 19 New York

    Can I get some numbers for new WhatsApp friends please
  • International student in NY

    George Appiah, New York

    Hi Guys, I am an international student who will be coming to new york pretty soon, I need a friend in NY so we can have fun, share ideas etc. 

  • underground music

    Samantha, 26 New York

    Hey I would like to open a whats up group with all the events for undergound music scene. I am reffering to good Jazz, Reggae, concerts etc. For all the lovers of goodmusic and underground places, small alleys, concerts etc this would be a perfect chance to be updated on all happenings. What do you think?

  • whats up meet ups

    Shelby, 28 New York

    hey I would like to open a whats up conversation for meet ups. The idea is to find friends wherever you are in whatever time. Anytime you want to meet up and have drink or go out, you can simplyopen your whats up and find people. 

  • Looking for fun and friends!

    Dane, 35 New York

    Hey guys,

    I am from New York and I love going out and meeting new people. I would love to find more friends that are open minded and active that would like to meet up for drinks or go clubbing on weekends. I am super easy going and very light hearted.

    I was thinking to open a new Whats up conversation where people would get the chance to meet each other and find groups to go...

  • Looking to start a friendship group

    Lebrona, 42 New York

    I'm looking to start a group for people who have a hard time finding friends. Male or female, preferably 30 and up. We will meet for coffee and see if we are compatible. 

  • going out tonight and meeting new people

    Oona, 34 New York

    Hey people its Saturday!!! Helllooooo world:))

    My name is OOna and I am Finish! I live in New York with my family since I was a kid! I would love to go out tonight and have fun on some nice event!

    I am an artist and most of my friends are painetrs and photographers, however I would like to change a scene abit and meet more diffrent people and get to know them better.


  • whats up for meet ups

    Peter, 39 New York

    I would like to open a whats up conversation for meet ups in the city. So anybody whos in twon can always find people to meet up with. If you like the idea please share and join!

  • hi people Iapostrofem austin! from ny. just lookin for some whatsapp friends!! lol

    austin19, 19 New York

    Hi people I-m austin 19 yrs young lookin for some whatsapp friends and maybe get to know ppl a bit better. And well se how that goes! Pm me! Lol asap! Haha I-m from ny!
  • Seeking a Girl in the New York City to love and get married to.

    Oniel123, 19 New York

    My Whatsapp number is 1876-262-0256 I-m from Jamaica. If eno girl interested hook me up. I-m a future movie actor and movie writer/producer and I would like to make new friends besides finding a girl to married to. Am kind and fun loving. Add me to your WhatsApp
  • hi new yorkers

    AHMAD, 27 New York

    i am kinda new here and would like to get to know people to make friends

  • Want to know about Africa?

    Desire II, 22 New York

    Hello people, I am from S.A but I am a yoing traveler i would like to explore USA unlike in the movies. Am currently 16 Doing my Metric so nextyear I was planning to see USA with its beauty also share my experience and skills. So if You are interested in Knowing Hows Africa be free to text me,might teach u different tongues. WhatsApp 277 448 61113 Looking forward. Thanks.
  • whaTS UP CINEMA....................

    Tony, 36 New York

    I am opening a whats up group for cinema events. So anybody that would like to go out and watch a movie can always find more people and friends to go with . Also people are free to put news and updates about anything intresting concerning movies.

  • I want to make a new friend ......

    Kaushal, 25 New York

    I want to make a new friend ......
  • Decent International whatsapp group

    ganesh, New York

    I have very decent International group "India and World". This group is formed to share Places / Culture / know International friends. There are members from all around the world. Those who want to get added msg me on whatsapp  919850556565

  • Finding friends and enjoying life!

    O-Neil, 34 New York

    Sup people!

    I am living in New York for many years since hight school and I love the life here. I go for morning runs, to cinema and to eat out with friends. I enjoyt the diversity of the city and people in it!

    I am looking to make friends and organize group night outs and gatherings with drinks and food. I simply love when people and cituations are relaxed and enjoyable! I ...

  • whats up for going to the beach!

    Cyndy, 35 New York

    You know the feeling when its Sunday morning and all your friends are hang overed and you want to go to the beach??:)) well I have found a solution for such cituations, I will open a whats up group for meets ups on the beach and if you like the idea please join and share!

  • whats up for socializing

    Sophia, 33 New York

    I would like to open a whats up group for meet ups and socializing with people. The group will be based in New York and it will be an open group where people would have the chance to meet each other, organize dates, events etc.

  • Ballroom and Latin dance

    Gabriella, 36 New York

    Find a partner who shares your passion, I form a part of a community of dancers of all ages who share the same passion for dance. If you are intrested into finding your partner just join in our whats up group and get connected.

  • whats up music join in!

    Bonny, 28 New York

    I would like to open a whats up group for music events. The idea is to have as many people as possible in the group and to spread all the information on music events, concerts, gigs, bars, jazz, salsa etc. This way you can always find a partner for dancing.

  • whats up group for young people

    Kenneth, 36 New York

    Hi I am opening a whats up group for people in their 20s. Anybody who is young fresh and wants to party, go out, find new people, skate etc can join in and get connected with all the information and events. Join in people its fun!

  • whats up eating out

    Katerina, 29 New York

    I am intrested into opening a whats up group for cuples and their way of having fun: eating out! The group would be mostly bases on updating the info on diffrent types of food and restaurants, and events that happen all the time in New York!

  • go to theatre, art scene

    Janny, 29 New York

    I am an art major student, and I would like to open a whats up group for art expositions, gallerys and theatre. With the idea to make people exchange ideas and find each other to attend this kind of events.

  • New York city that never sleeps

    Night, 25 New York

    I would like to open a what up group for night activities in the city. From time to time evryone feels lonley and cannot sleep, so it would be a great idea to open a group that never sleeps and you could always find something to do at any hour.

  • Whats up for clubbing down town

    Sweeny, 29 New York

    Any body knows a nice whats up group about the night scene in NYC. I would like to join in and get all info on diffrent events and partys. Could I please get more info or maybe even open a whats up group! Let me know what you think.

  • coupons, discounts and sales

    Britney W, 35 New York

    hey girls, I would like to open a whats up group with all the sales, discounts and coupons for nice clothing and shoes around NYC. I think this is a great idea for shoping huntting, and if you afree with me please let me know so that we can open this group ASAP.

  • whats up concerts and gigs

    daniria, 36 New York

    Hey peepz! I am opening up a new cool whats up group for the update of all the concerts and gigs from heavy metal to indie pop. The idea is to inform all intrested people about the happenings in the scene and always find company to go with. Join in!

  • New friendship whatsapp group in New York city

    The Sea, 39 New York

    Hello people, I am opening up a new whatsapp group to keep in update all the happenings in the city, concerts, exhibitions, clubbing, good parties etc. I need more people to join the group and let us know if they hear about any good happenings. Peace

  • Whatsapp clubbing New York

    Paul, 36 New York

    People, I am Tom and I am opening a new what’s up group to post all the events of nightlife in New York. All the upcoming gigs, djs, and parties will be announcing regularly. Join in and party!