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Whatsapp young people New York

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Groups of young people in Whatsapp to find contacts online and meet young people through Whatsapp in New York. Share with people, organize meetups.

  • International student in NY

    17 may   New York

    Hi Guys, I am an international student who will be coming to new york pretty soon, I need a friend in NY so we can have fun, share ideas etc. 

    Enriq Dsouza please can u add me to the group I m Enriq studying in st pauls
    Enriq Dsouza my number in 8197509457
    Enriq Dsouza sorry its 8197509458

  • New chum for friendship

    13 may   New York
    Hola!!!! Am Meyi by name; it can really get better and fun when you relate to the outside world.. Thats more reason we all need to be that whole family and friend of Life, so hit me up on 2348101312549 so we can possible chat up and have that real good time together,.... Thanks a bunch!!!!
  • whats up for meet ups

    11 jun   New York

    I would like to open a whats up conversation for meet ups in the city. So anybody whos in twon can always find people to meet up with. If you like the idea please share and join!

    Jenifeer hey count me in!
    james Hey count me in 919717618545 this is my whats app no
  • meet new friends

    18 may   New York
    I want to get fun, meet new friends and places in NYc
  • whaTS UP CINEMA....................

    26 may   New York

    I am opening a whats up group for cinema events. So anybody that would like to go out and watch a movie can always find more people and friends to go with . Also people are free to put news and updates about anything intresting concerning movies.

    Michael Lakew put me in 972522858983
    yahayaaa my name is Anita, i am looking for good relationship with you, please contact me true my email then i can tell you more about myself also my photos (
    gentleman put me in 00212610230033
    yaquob put me in 00967777317631
  • am here my name is Yaquob Naji .33 years old .sigle .never got married yet

    22 sep   New York
    am here my name is Yaquob Naji .33 years old .sigle .never got married yet .so eager to have a nice girl for dating & am so serious 

    waiting to have a response 

    and this is my phone number to contact me on Whatsapp 

  • whats up for socializing

    25 may   New York

    I would like to open a whats up group for meet ups and socializing with people. The group will be based in New York and it will be an open group where people would have the chance to meet each other, organize dates, events etc.

    Harper great idea! whats the name of the group?
    Hannah yes more info please? what age group is it about?
  • whats up group for young people

    09 may   New York

    Hi I am opening a whats up group for people in their 20s. Anybody who is young fresh and wants to party, go out, find new people, skate etc can join in and get connected with all the information and events. Join in people its fun!

    Eny sounds great!
    Jhon count me in:)
  • go to theatre, art scene

    03 may   New York

    I am an art major student, and I would like to open a whats up group for art expositions, gallerys and theatre. With the idea to make people exchange ideas and find each other to attend this kind of events.

    Alain sounds good, let me know when the group starts!
    Dane yes great! i want more info!
  • New York city that never sleeps

    01 may   New York

    I would like to open a what up group for night activities in the city. From time to time evryone feels lonley and cannot sleep, so it would be a great idea to open a group that never sleeps and you could always find something to do at any hour.

    Jhon yes you are so right..i am in:)
    Daria woooooow i ammmm innnn!!
    anovembre I am in! How do I get in touch with you to join?
  • Whats up for clubbing down town

    27 apr   New York

    Any body knows a nice whats up group about the night scene in NYC. I would like to join in and get all info on diffrent events and partys. Could I please get more info or maybe even open a whats up group! Let me know what you think.

    Maya yeeeah!:) open one dude!
    lora great! whats the name?
    mike sounds good:)
  • whats up concerts and gigs

    23 apr   New York

    Hey peepz! I am opening up a new cool whats up group for the update of all the concerts and gigs from heavy metal to indie pop. The idea is to inform all intrested people about the happenings in the scene and always find company to go with. Join in!

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