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  • are you single?.....whats up

    14 may Aubrey, 36

    hey lets open a whats up where you can meet and chat with other singles looking for love. This could be a nice way of meeting dates, soulmate or love....
  • p.e: Meet new people for friendship

    14 nov Bennies, 20

    hello everyone i am Bennadine pls add me on whatsapp for a good communication and friendship..... so that we can know each other very well and easily....
  • Love to meet new people and make new friends.

    17 nov Asongna blaese

    Feel free to send me a request or contact me through Facebook,  WhatsApp, Instagram or even telegram. My names are: Asongna Blaesed T, WhatsApp :...
  • whats up meet ups

    19 may Shelby, 28

    hey I would like to open a whats up conversation for meet ups. The idea is to find friends wherever you are in whatever time. Anytime you want to meet...

  • Looking for love and friends

    03 aug Medboy, 20 name is medBoy am looking for love and friends.The boy from tanzania check me whatsapp please 255657063949...
  • Meet new friends from all over the world

    15 oct Jay_ce, 30

    Hello everyone, i have lived in new york all my life and still living in new york city lol and trying to make new friends from all over the world...
  • presentation

    09 aug Jukgura, 24

    hello, I,m juan a colombian chef, I,m in new york studing english, I wanna know people to share cultures, to practice english, and maybe to know New y...
  • whats up music join in!

    11 may Bonny, 28

    I would like to open a whats up group for music events. The idea is to have as many people as possible in the group and to spread all the information ...

  • Whatsapp clubbing New York

    15 apr Paul, 36

    People, I am Tom and I am opening a new what’s up group to post all the events of nightlife in New York. All the upcoming gigs, djs, and parties...