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Visit the downtown New York

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Meet people to go for a stroll around the city, visit the downtown, see monuments or simply walk as a sport; people who enjoy exciting New York

  • An Italian man in NY

    04 nov   New York

    Hi All....I am Ale.

    I will be in NY end of decemebr beginning of january for a week. I would like to meet someone to share some time with me. I will be alone and I need : suggestions, friendship, drinks, there anybody interested?

    See you soon...ciaoooo

  • To make new friends

    22 dec   New York

    Hello everyone!! I'm new to the site and Im looking to meet people that could lead to lasting friendship.

    jaydeep003 i-m here ........

  • Meeting friends during my one week holiday in NYC!

    15 oct   New York

    Hey everyone, 

    Iapostrofem a Swedish 18 year old student whoapostrofes lived in Bangkok Thailand for the past 5 years.

    I will be going to NYC with my father from October 20th to 26th, however my dad will be working most of the time, so just looking for some friends, preferably girls, who are down for walking around the city, grab something to eat or a coffee/tea.
    Iapostrofem a pretty easy going girl whoapostrofes just looking not to be too lonely on my holiday lol.
    so hit me up :)

  • Looking photographers and make new photographies and meet new faces

    10 apr   New York

    Hi I am a photographer and a traveler. My passion is the city and the city life, I love going new places and taking pictures of simple people in their daily city lives. I am inspired by the variety of people and all our differences that make us so unique. I would love to share my experiences and make new photographies and meet new faces. I hope you can help me to go around the city and experience art with me. 

  • Seeking for practice biking, walking...

    19 mar   New York

    Seeking for practice biking, walking... I enjoy the company of others, especially people who are sincere, care and have family values i am a very funny person and likes to joke around, I like to go walk, biking, bowling.