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  • organizing a camping weekend!

    29 june   New York

    Hello people,

    I would like to invite all the interested persones that would like to spend a weekend in nature to caontact me. With some friends we are organizing a group camping  a few hours away from the city.

    The idea is to go to nature and disconnect from the city rush, work, stress etc. We are leaving with cars and we are two families going. We would  love to have more people  to join on board.

    Aso It would be a good idea to meet  more couples like us, with children. All  of us have children so we  are bringing a lot of stuf t camping including tends, food, seeping bags etc. Joing us!

    Merry Hey Joe, I ove camping! Do you bring dogs also?
    Anabella Hey Joe, nice name! I am in for the camping, when are you leaving?

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