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Trips New York

Group for touring in and around New York with tour fans; the idea is to create simple hiking trips, visiting monuments or simply to walk around New York.


  • Hiking in the city

    30 sep New York

    What are great places to hike within the city? It can be all boroughs. :D

    Nybuddy, 25
  • Looking for weekend day hikes around the Queens and Long Island

    21 jan New York

    I'm looking for people to go on day hikes around Queens or Long Island on Sundays. Anybody interested?

    1coconut, 58

  • outdoors addicts

    16 may New York

    Hey my name is Reagan and I love outdoors activities. Lets gather around and make hiking together or running, free climbing etc. I would love to invite all outdoors addicts to come and join me on this quest.

    Raegan, 36
  • Meeting people and hiking:)

    01 jul New York

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to invite all of you who are intrested into hiking to attend a small exusrions I have been planing to organize with some friends. We are planing to make a hiking trip in the mountains next week and we would be delighted to have many new faces on board.

    We always look for new people to join our small exursions since the whole idea is to gather a g... más

    Juan, 35
  • anybody up for hiking?

    25 apr New York

    I am organizing a hiking trip away from the city with a group of 4 friends. We are looking for more people to join anc cheap in for the petrol, we have a caravan wan and all the equioment. We are super chilled and esy going people, all of us working in the city and excited about this trip.

    Akon, 26
  • Exploring NYC with Friends

    09 oct New York

    Hello! I am Ankit, moved to NYC about 1.5 years back. After a long weeks at a consulting job, there is hardly any time to make friends. Two of my close friends moved to SF recently, and when I look back at the time I have spent here, there is hardly anyone new that I met. I am really looking forward to meet new people and experience new things.

    Outside wo... más

    Ankit Singh
    Ankit singh
  • making hiking trips

    24 may New York

    I would love to make a hiking trip with some friends and we always need more people to join us. We were thinking to leave next weekend for a mountain trip, so if anyone wants to disconnect from the city let me know.

    Dario, 33
  • hiking and exercices

    29 apr New York

    anybody intrested into organizing a group of 5-10 people to go hiking nex week? it would be a great idea to spend some time in nature and work out on your body as well as your mind. 

    Ben, 38
  • Ben
    Ben, 27

  • Make friend living in New York

    26 mar New York

    make friend living in New York because I would like ask them how's LIFE THERE!!I manage to go there in three month!!

    Helen, 37