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Travel New York

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Group for sharing trips in New York, travel, meet people to talk about past or future travels and discuss interesting vacation destinations.

  • meet new friends around the world

    25 jul   New York

    I am a guy ready to meet new friends around the world, I love fun, love to play soccer, watch movies and having a good time in a beach.
    I am 1. 69m of height I have a black hair and a black eye. I love to wear suits, a jeans and shirts aso love to put on a sport shoes and a t-shirt
    I am seeking for love, relationship and if possible marriage.

  • I am looking for artists, photographers, travellers in NYC

    22 mar   New York


    I live in London and coming to spend 2 months in NYC. (July and August).

    I am graduating as a photographer and printmaker. Looking for accommodation or art residency.

    Would be nice to share information here with like-minded people. I am new here and it will be my second time to visit NYC. However my first time it was only for 3 days and it was very cold.

    I am doing street-photography as my art project soon with exhibitions in London. I am also looking for opportunities in NYC like art galleries etc.

    I hope this site helps me to know people

    andrea d hey my name is andrea and i also j used to live in london :) also a photographer living in ny now. send me email at so we can maybe explore city and take some pics together :)
  • Christmas & New Years Eve

    21 nov   New York

    Hey people!

    I will be spending Christmas and New Years Eve in NYC.

    I don't like walking around alone in a big city like that, so I'm looking for nice people to hang out with.

    Let me know if you have some recommendations on what to do in New York :)

  • Writting and travelling New York

    22 jun   New York

    My name is Khaterine and I am 33 years old. Since I was a child I was travelling in caravans with my family and finally in my 30s I have settle down here in the city. I am inspired to write a book about my adventures and I need some help how to do it. I would love to meet up for a coffee and get some ideas about this project. ( 5 minutes) meet new people.

  • interested into traveling

    26 jun   New York


    I am Daniela and I am from /New York. Most of my life I have been travelin on vacations, with friends and family and now I would like to make a long trip for a couple of months.

    I would like to meet similar minded people and travelers so that I could share my ideas and make a plan for a trip to India or Sounth America.

    I have a friend that wants to come along so it would be interesting to organize a group trip with more people so this way we could share some expenses and travel together.

    Dean hey DAniela I would love you to join me for a coffee one day?
    Jaina Dean and Daniela I love oriental cultures and different food..maybe we could share our experiences?
  • coming to live in New York!!

    25 jun   New York

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Olivia and I am coming to New York to live and study, I am so excited about this new life change! I would love to meet new comers in New your and people who are in the same possition like me.

    Also I would like to meet everybody:D People from arounds athat can help me explore the city and find my place in it! I am a free minded persone and love to make new friends and be sociale. 

    I would like to find good restaurants and places to eat out, also bars and art gallerys. Would be deffinatly more than excited to attend an event or a consert!

    Connor hey Olivia welcomed! Its super good that you are coming here. Let meet up in town one day for a coffee and a chat?
    Connor hey cont me also!
  • interested to meet other travellers

    22 jun   New York

    Hey guys,

    I am Danae and I am travelling with my boyfriend across the States for a couple of months now. We are currently in New York and we will be hanging around for a couple of days. We are eger to see all the good places and find some nice gigs or concerts.

    We would like to meet other travellers or people with similar experiences, people who are open minded and sociable. We would like to see some art expositions and find good places to eat.

    We could leav our whats up for easier communication and we could meet somewhere in town. I would be very happy to meet people from around New York and make new friendships.

    Dane Hey DAne it would be my pleasure to help you aroud! where are you guys staying?
    Alek hello people! i would love to meet travelers also!
    Rose hey guys! I love travelling and meeting travelers. Dane do you travel also?
  • looking to meet diverse people

    03 jun   New York

    My name is Giselle and I am halph French and halph American, I am looking to meet people from diffrent backgrounds and cultures in order to make new friends and learn more about the world we live in. I would love to meet diverese people from all around the globe.

    Michel hey a good one! id love to meet up for a coffe or something??
    Marina hey id love to join you guys!
    Re count on me as well!

  • just moved to New York

    24 may   New York

    My name is Lora and I am a new commer in this city. Everything looks fresh and beautiful but I would need to meet more people and socialize and make new connections. Anybody itrested into showing me around the city?

    Charlie hey id show you around!@
    Nashla id help you sweat!
  • casual meet ups from time to time

    22 may   New York

    Lets organize a casual meet up in a bar, just new faces and people that woudl like to get together and have fun. We could chat all night exchange experiences, meet each other and even go dancing if we get in a good mood. I could suggest a ice restaurant.

    Corinne yes i love the idea?? which restaurant do you have in mind?
    Alayah hey id love to meet up from time to time!
  • organizing a camping trip

    22 may   New York

    I would like to invite intresting people to come and join me on a camping trip. I have some firends with caravanes that would like to come and we would love to meet people who like to camp as well. It would be a nice idea to spen some time in nature with friends.

    Kaila i love the idea...can i help you somehow??
  • get your plan B (travellers)

    15 may   New York

    Hey I just came to New York and I would love to meet new comers and people who travel. I always have a plan B you know how it goes when you are on the road! I will be around for couple of days and they I will head towards LA, so all of you...lets exchange experiences!

    Jade yess,,booom! I would love to meet up, lets eat out?
    Jordyn i would love to join, which place can we go to eat?
    miriam hey yes, i am in!
  • to organize a trip to nature

    11 may   New York

    To all nature lovers, what to you say if we gather and organize a trip to nature that can include camping or hiking and all diffrent funt activities for out doors. I am looking to form a group of 5-10 people who share same passions for animals and nature, and organize a trip to disconnect from technology and city lights.

    Martin i love the idea, how many pple to we need?
    Aden hey great idea! I would join as well:)
    Adrian yes us as well!
  • Meet travelers in NYC

    06 may   New York

    Hey my name is Maya and I am a photographer, a freelancer. I have been traveling around the worl and seen beautiful places like India and Nepal. Therefore I would like to meet travelers in NYC and make beautiful portaraits and exchange my experiences.

    Katerina hey i have been to india, what type of photography do you do?
    Teodor hey Maya I am more than interested!

  • Jack and Union Jack:DD

    04 may   New York

    Hey I am Jack and I am from London, UK. I have just came to New York for a trip and I would like to meet more people from around the city to show me the good places, typical food and every day life of this beautiful place. I will be staying only a few weeks so I would really like to make friends from US.

    Cassidy hey Jack, welcomed ..lets meet Ill show you around...
    Myra hey boy, lets go for a coffee??
  • go camping and spend time in nature

    01 may   New York

    I am Donald and I have a wan that I am using often to go away from the city and disconetc. I would like to invite more people to join me for a camping weekend in the nature. I have all the equipment and we could share the expances for fuel, food etc. I have a dog as well Vegas who is such a sweetheart.

    Anchi i love nature, love the idea...
    Night yes count me in as welll
    Jhon how about the beach?
  • I am planning on traveling and meeting new people

    14 apr   New York

    I am planning on traveling and meeting new people, enjoying my time and discovering new places. I love to read, I read a lot! And I love the music, and dancing. I am looking to find anybody who could use some company to go around the city and have fun. Let me know if you know a good place to eatJ 

    meet new people

  • Excursions near New York

    10 apr   New York

    Hello people! A week of holidays is coming does anybody have any suggestions for a field trip or camping. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I would like to make a fresh start by going away from the city and meeting new people. Let mi know if you have any ideas.

    Carlton I sent a message
    Lauren Hi guys, my name is Lauren and I am an American women in her 30s