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Spanish Language Exchange New York

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Group for Spanish Language Exchange for free in New York, exchange spanish with other languages with Spanish people or locals.

  • Spanish language and culture exchange

    04 jul   New York

    hi there, I can help you with Spanish language and culture in a funny way. Dare? Te atreves?

    I love helping people and sharing things.

  • Language exchange spanish english

    31 mar   New York

    I would like to get to know an Spanish girl or guy in New York who wants to do a language exchange.

    petejc hey dude any luck finding friends or language exchange? I-m learning Spanish also, and going to Argentina for all of July. Hit me up. Pete

  • Meet new people to learn spanish in New York to practice my spanish

    31 jan   New York

    Hello!! I would love to meet new people to have a conversation in spanish while having a drink ;)

    petejc Hey dude, I-m going to Argentina to learn Spanish for all of July and Aug. Any luck finding Spanish speakers?
  • Hola Spanish people in NYC

    20 may   New York

    Hola my name is Estrella and I have been living in New York since birth. I would like to meet more hispanic people and people with Spanish origines. We could meet up and talk about our history and lifes, I miss speaking Spanish as well.

    petejc hola si lets practices spanish!
    Amelie si si i would love to join in as well!
    Dave Gonh Hey!! Genial, yo te ayudo a practicar tu español y tu me ayudas a practicar mi inglés.
    Arlene Hernandez holla...como estas ...lets be friends
  • Hi! I hope to find somebody for a Spanish-English exchange

    04 oct   New York

    Hello! I speak Spanish quite well but I'd like to improve it. So I'm looking for native Spanish speakers who could help me and I offer my English in exchange.

    HECTOR Hi, am a native speaker and I really like to b ur chat-friend and help u with ur Spanish, and u help me with my English, -cause I study it, and Id like to know how to learn English, and Id like to teach u anything abt Spanish u want to know.... My whats 525537256393 or send me a message on here, Ill b checking out...... :)
  • Meet people living in New York

    12 jul   New York

    Helloooo!!!!! My name is Nancy, I am a young girl from New York. I would love to meet people to speak Spanish.

    collins Hola, ¿cómo están todos los amigos agradable reunión que si cualquier contacto interesado me tengo WhatsApp 233541694946