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Meet guys New York

Group for meeting a boy or a man in New York for dating or friendship, meet singles in New York to go out.
  • looking for a romantic date

    Adria, 29 New York

    I would like to meet a persone with whome I could go out on a date. I am looking for romantic love and someone with a good imagination and creativness. I love when people are opened and extroverted. I suggest to go out for drinks and get to know eachother better.

  • looking for love in New York!

    Merry, 34 New York

    Hey everyone,

    I am 33 and I am  singleliving women in New York. I woud be ineterested into dating and meeting a men who would llike to go for a date one day.

    I am looking for someone funny and charming, with a job  and someone who  ikes to travel! I  would be very much interested to meet up in the down for a drink or an event and see how the night goes.

  • meet a man and see what happens:D

    Tiara, 33 New York

    I am a women in her 30s and I would like to meet a men that is good looking and availiable to goon a date. In my age people are not so opened like when they were younger and I would like to meet an older men who is stable and knows what he wants.

  • looking for romance and love

    Nicole, 36 New York

    I am a good looking women in her 30s and I am looking to meet a romantic and charming men who is in the mood for love. I love to spend time in restaurants, bars, take long walks and just be. I am looking for somebody who is mature and sucessful in life.

  • Other musicians in NYC!

    Sarah, 18 New York

    Hello everyone! 
    I'm a girl from Denmark who's going on a small trip to NYC on Tuesday. I'm going to stay at this hotel called Riverside Hotel near Central Park. 
    I'm very interested in music and plays myself (message me for more private information) and would love to meet other musicians (or random people who just shares the same interests for music like...

  • Meet new people in New York

    Kimmy_kim, 21 New York

    I just arrived at New York yesterday and I need some friends as I know no one here :O 

  • find a partner for dancing

    Aggie, 28 New York

    I would like to start classes of dancing in two. So I am looking for anybody intrested to join me. I love music and dancing and I am super easy going persone. Lets go danncing??:))

  • going for a date!

    Alba, 36 New York

    I would love to meet a nice guy from New York that would like to go out with me on a date. I am intrested into having fun and nice time with somebody who is charming and funny, good looking.

  • intrested to find a guy

    Andy, 35 New York

    My name is Andy and I am looking someone to go out on a date. I am looking a person who is smart and easy going, good looking and funny! I would love to start with dating and casual meet ups.

  • Gay people meet up!

    Tony, 38 New York

    I am Tony and I am gay. I would for a company and I am looking to meet more gay people from New York. I would love to meet a good looking guy who would like to go out with me and have fun in a gay club.

  • looking to meet a guy

    Ann, 36 New York

    My name is Ann and I am halph French. I am into dating scene, and I would like to meet a guy that would like to spend some time with me on a date, going somwhere to eat together and dance. I am looking for a handsome and good looking guy.

  • people in their 40s

    Louis, 40 New York

    I am Luis and I am in my 40s. It is very hard for me to meet new people so I would like to try to find people of my same age group and intrests and make new relationships. We could simply have fun like in the gold old days!

  • passing through NYC

    Jazmyn, 22 New York

    Hey I am Canadian and I am traveling though USA, right now I am in New York for a couple of days and I would love to meet people and nice places. I have no idea where to go and eat or where to go for drinks. Maybe you could help me.

  • looking to meet a nice guy

    Noelle, 36 New York

    My name is Noelle and I am looking for someone special who would like to go out on a date with me. I am intrested into a casual meet up and see where we go from that point on. I would prefere a men in his 30s.

  • meet new people and make friends

    Teagan, 33 New York

    Hey I would like to meet new friends from New York and form new friendships. I am an easy going persone who enjoys normal stuff like riding, riding, going for drinks and to the cinema etc. I would love to make new friends and have an opprotunity to form new relationships.

  • looking for a men

    Makkena, 55 New York

    I am dating and I would love to find a perfect date, a men who is charming and sweet and who will be there for me even as a friend. I would love to go out on a casual date with nice food and wine and try to give a new guy a chance!

  • looking to meet an Italian men

    Tonia, 28 New York

    I am intrested into meeting Italian men, or somebody who has italian heritage. I am fascinated by this culture and I share a great passion for its music and food. I speak italian too and I am intrested into finding an Italian partner.

  • looking for a boy!

    Tessa, 39 New York

    I am Tessa and I have just ended a 3 years relationship and I am up for meeting diffrent people, boy who is kind and nice and would like something easy and fun. I am up for simply having good time and enjoying nice company.

  • wanting to meet people

    Alexia, 33 New York

    My name is Alexia and I am intrested into socializing a bit and meeting more people from the city of light. Here it is so easy to have fun since New York is the best place in the world:) I would like to meet intresting and fun people, spend quality time together.

  • interested into finding love

    Angelina, 36 New York

    I am a women in her 30s and I am looking for a singl, handsome men who is intrested into going for a date and spending an amazing night with me. I am looking for someone tall, with nice sense of music and who like sushi.

  • looking for a date at galla opening

    Lyla, 33 New York

    Hey I am looking for a date, a men who would like to accompany me to the galla opening of a new Thai restaurant in down town. I got two entrances and I need company, someone who like Thai food and is elegant.

  • bar cruzing in NYC

    Alain, 33 New York

    I am part of a group of 4 boys that like to go bar crzing in New York, home of milions beautiful ladies. We would like to invite more people to join us for bar cruzing and tequila shots. We are quite fun to be around and we like to have good times.

  • football and fun sports

    Dorian, 23 New York

    I would like to find a group of guys that are playing football regularly so that I can join in. I love this sport and I have been playing it since I was a child, now I am intrested into meeting guys who share the same passion so that we can gather and play ball.

  • baseball and men

    mike, 33 New York

    hello, I am organizing a baseball match with my friends this week, and we are looking for more team players to join in. We guys are not so professional in this game but we like to play it hard. Let me know if you are in the mood to join.

  • looking to meet a handsome man

    lora, 25 New York

    I am looking to meet a new persone in my life, a men that is charming and protecting, that enjouys having good time and a reall connection. somebody that can let go and do all silly romatci things couples do.

  • gay events and fun

    Kevin, 29 New York

    I am a gay guy and i have my hair dressing salon. We are currently organizing an event to help people with HIV and we would gladly like to invide other members of gay community to come and participate. Peace and love

  • gay friends and new connections

    Eric, 27 New York

    Hey, I am 27 and I am gay. I have just move from Philadelphia and I am looking to meet more gay people in the new city. I am open for any suggestions since I dont have many friends here and I do not know the places. I would prefere meeting other gay guys from around here and make friends.

  • clubbing tonight in down town

    Jenny, 29 New York

    I know it is last minute, but I am looking to find a good party in down town, I am a big time clubber and I am looking for some fun. Any suggestions?

  • I am interested into meeting a man in her 30s that is single

    Louise, 28 New York

    Hello my name is Louise and I am interested into meeting a man in her 30s that is single and looking for some romance in her life. I am looking for someone romantic and interesting and of course in the mood for some good time. Let the good times roll! 

  • I-m Looking for a Serious and Committed relationship

    Shenita, 30 New York

    Am a Single successful white woman ,i don't do anything crazy at all very Independent and take very good care of myself a Disease Free woman lol... Am down Earth Woman and I'm here to looking for a God Fearing Man and Caring One as well... I believe age is just a Number in a relationship when there is love and distance is just a mile so i don't mind relocating when i found the right...

  • I need you to be happy that you got me in your life. Love Love Love

    Sophie, 36 New York

    I need you to be happy that you got me in your life, to be proud and have faith in me! I hope you are an optimist and always can find positive sides in life's events.

     I will be happy if you love children,animal and more to nature.I like to travel and to learn new things. I will be your support in any hard affair