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Meet girls New York

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Group for meeting girls or women in New York for friendship or dating, going out for a drink, meet single girls in New York so you don't have to be by yourself.

  • I am looking for a girlfriend

    03 jul   New York

    Hello girls,

    I am single guy in his 30s living in New York. I have been single for some time and right now I am looking for someone to share my love with. I am interested into finding a girl who is single in her 30s also and who is simple and good looking.

    I would like to meet up for dinner or drinks sometimes and this way have a chance to talk with her and get to know her better. I am intrested into dating but also if I find the right person I am interested into having a relationship.

    I would love to meet a girl with beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. I like to make jokes and I love girls with a snese of humor!

    Matthew hey you I would like to meet you better!
    Daniel hey im Dan im single i looking for girls friend of here am 18years
  • Looking for new girlfriends!

    02 jul   New York

    Hey you all,

    My name is Page and obviously I live in New York:) I would be interested into finding girls that would like to make girlfriends and chat and go out! I am very sociable and I love meeting new people but right now I am in the mood of making new friendships and connections!

    I would love to find girlfriends for meeting up in town for drinks and catching a great movie, or going shopping and looking for boys. Maybve evne dancing like salsa or attending a nice music event.

    I belive that friendships are one of the most important aspects for a well being and our lives are much more cheerful when we have someone to share it with!

    Robert hey Paige nice add:)

  • Looking for a girl in NYC

    28 aug   New York

    I am looking to meet a good looking women in her 30s that is single and likes to go out. The person I am looking for needs to have a beautiful smile and seductive eyes. I am offering to take her out on a date

  • looking for female fashion designer or from fashion field

    16 apr   New York

    I am haute couture  designer , from design , patterner , draper ,sample making ,presently living in japan Kyoto,like to move to Newyork and hope to meet female friend  in same field 

  • Meet new friends from all over the world

    15 oct   New York

    Hello everyone, i have lived in new york all my life and still living in new york city lol and trying to make new friends from all over the world. Trying something new for the first time. Feel free to hit me up here :)

  • Hey buddy hi to all

    05 mar   New York
    I m new here just joined now everything new new I m very much excited to meet with new people as it was my childhood dreams to talk with foreigners..
  • looking for new friends fun exiting and who knows what next

    03 dec   New York

    hi am looking for friends and friendship from all over the world they say life is short who knows what might happen so lets talk and have fun .

    Hugh Jackman Prakash My number is 919976641287 you shell add me and msg me
  • Meet friends in NewYork

    28 jun   New York

    I moved here 8 months ago and the only new friends I've made are coworkers. They're great, but out conversations are necesarily limited and you think you wouldnt be as lonely in such a big city.

  • meet people with a similar mindset as I

    09 nov   New York

    Hi there :) Delen , 27. Open minded with a positive attitude, I m sweet ,charming romantic and love to make new friends . I m looking to meet people with a similar mindset as I (music , food , taking long walkings on the beach watching the sunset getting to know each other..) hello at me :)

  • For Serious Friendship Only

    28 oct   New York

    Hello Everyone i am here to looking for some serious friend who is from USA of from any Country but be honest and trustworthy Guyes & Girls Both can contact me on My Whatsupp Number THanks 

    My Whatsapp#: 971527535828

  • Meet native spanish girl

    12 sep   New York

    Hi! My name is Helen, I'm 23 years old and I'm student a Master in Psychology. I want meet native spanish girl in New York, who need share a flat.

    davidey hey hellen,am davidey. can u email me on
    Shona ello fatyne sarah how are you will you be my firend here is my wahtsapp number if you like to contact My Whatsapp#: 971527535828 First
  • Traveler looking for good open minded people

    26 nov   New York


    My name Moha, Traveler also big fan of old songs 50s up to 90s, Jazz and deep house music looking for good & open minded people during the holidays of Christmas and New Year in New York to hangout and enjoy !!. 

  • interested to find a girlfriend!

    14 jun   New York

    My name is Peter and I live in NYC! I am into dating and finding a girlfriend who is singe, nice and pretty! I would love to get to know her better and take her out for a dinner or drinks and chat with her! 

    Norm hahahah maybe you should try clubbing?
    Ana maybe we could eat out?
  • open for dating

    11 jun   New York

    My name is Nicolas and I would like to invite any pretty lady for a date. I am suggesting to go out and party and maybe get to know us better. I am looking for a smart and good looking girl.

    Bo hey id love to go out with you<3
  • female get away....

    24 may   New York

    I would love to organize all women to come and join my group where we discuss about female right and we share our everyday experiences. We usually meet in a caffe loundge bar and have dinner and long discussions.

    lora hey i love this! where are the meeting?
    Nashla i am so in <3

  • people in their 40s

    24 may   New York

    I am Luis and I am in my 40s. It is very hard for me to meet new people so I would like to try to find people of my same age group and intrests and make new relationships. We could simply have fun like in the gold old days!

  • intrested into meeting a girl

    22 may   New York

    I would like to meet a girl who is good looking, smart and has a good sense of humor. I would take you out on a date and try to get to know you better. We could go for drinks or go to eat something. I am intrested into dating.

  • looking to meet divorced women

    19 may   New York

    I have just got my divorce and I am looking to meet more similar women like me. I am deesperatly needing a compaignon and a hand to go threw this nightmare. I do not want to go to therapy I believe I am stronger than that!

    Kiley i would love to meet with you, i am in the same situation so I understand you very well!
    Carolina hey i am there for you if you need a friend!
  • meet new people and make friends

    19 may   New York

    Hey I would like to meet new friends from New York and form new friendships. I am an easy going persone who enjoys normal stuff like riding, riding, going for drinks and to the cinema etc. I would love to make new friends and have an opprotunity to form new relationships.

    Addyson sounds great! i would love to meet up!
    Tenly sure count me in!
  • meeting single ladies

    19 may   New York

    I am intrested into meeting single girls that are into dating. I am not looking anything in particular, simply somebody who is fun and who wants to go on a date. If you are the girl let me know!

    Kamila hey i am the girl!
  • looking for girlfriends

    14 may   New York

    Hey sweeties, I am looking for new friends, girls that love shoping and chating about boys. I love to eat out and have drinks on the 5th Avenue in NYC maybe we could do all this stuff together. I would like to make a girls night out and have fun.

  • looking to meet girls and make friends

    11 may   New York

    I am intrested into meeting girls and making girlfriends. Someone who can chat with you and havefun, share the good moments and the bad ondes too. A persone that can make you laught and cry with you at the same time. I am intrested into making real connections.

    Tonia hey, yes i would love to meet you!
    Kitty i would join this group!
  • looking for a good looking girl

    11 may   New York

    I am intrested into meeting a nice looking girl for a date. I would like to meet someone funny and charismatic, who know how to share and make room for new experiences in her life. I am all about love so let me take you out and show you around.

    Emma maybe we can go for a drink?
  • would love to meet you!

    07 may   New York

    My name is Dean and I am from NYC. I am looking to meet a beautiful girl who likes to have good time and go out with me on a date. We could go dancing if you love salsa or jazz and grab a bite to eat. I am looking for someone good looking and funny, easy going!

    Denny hey i love salsa, lets go dancing??:))
    Nidra im up for jazz!!
  • wanting to meet people

    07 may   New York

    My name is Alexia and I am intrested into socializing a bit and meeting more people from the city of light. Here it is so easy to have fun since New York is the best place in the world:) I would like to meet intresting and fun people, spend quality time together.

    Dario hey Alexia, maybe we could go out and eat.??
    Dean yes we could organize a group night out?
  • African american looking for a women

    04 may   New York

    My name is Nogel and I an african american looking to meet a beautiful women and go out with her. I am looking for somebody has a nice body and a sense of rhythm. Someone who is not shy and is open in life, like to laugh and has a nice smile.

    Myra hey we should go out, take me on a date?
  • looking for a women

    02 may   New York

    I am looking for a smart and funny women, to take her out on a date. Someone who is honest and charismatic who likes to have fun and enjoy life. I am single and I am looking to build a new story in my life.

    Janny hey dake me out on a date?
  • pizza and beer girls type of fun

    29 apr   New York

    I would like to meet girls who are my age and similar intrest, who are positive in life and have a good sense of humore. I need someone to chat to watch movies with pizza and beers, and eat ice cream. I live in down town so I know the city very well, and there are so many cool places to go and people to see.

    Marta yes i love the idea...
    Noel hahahhaha go girls:)
    anovembre Yes, can I please join? Can you please e-mail me with plans? Thank you.
  • meet girls and make friends

    01 may   New York

    Hey girlies, I am Anchi and I live in New York, I have just moved here recently and I would like to meet more girls that are opened and chilled to make friends, chat go shopping and talk about boys. I love nice bars and restaurants and I spend a lot of time reding books and writting.

    Night hey girl, lets go for a coffe?
    Daria yes lets go to starbucks?
    Thalia girls i am in as well:)
    anovembre Hi Anchi, Ditto. How do I get in touch with all of you to go to Starbuck-s, go out, etc.?
  • meet a nice and good looking girl

    01 may   New York

    My name is noel, and I have just finished a long 3 years relationship. I would like to meet a girl that is nice and good looking that would like to make friends first of all and have good time together. the persone I am looking for is free, open minded and light hearted...sweet and adorable:)

    Todor i have a lot of girld friends maybe we could go out and meet people
    Donald yes lets go out...