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seeking an attractive woman

Men seeking women

27 sep   New York

Iam an honest kind and caring man. I am a family man and like to spend time with family. I work in a large hospital and Iam member of maintenance team, we look after the electrical network. I like swimming, dancing, reading magazines and newspapers, watching movies, going for walks, and listening to music, spend time on the computer.
I like to take of my appearance, I always like to do some physical activities, I like to wear conservative, and modern and casual clothes, depends where Iam going, or what Iam doing. Iam 1. 62 height and 65 kilo, my hair is short. My best features is my friendly smile.

I am seeking an attractive woman, who is loyal, modest, caring, gentle and honest. And is a family woman likes her home. likes to take of her appearance, and open and friendly personality. I would be happy tom try some of her hobbies and interest.

Etta14 You-ll find one