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someone who likes frequent physical and emotional connection

Looking for love

14 sep   New York

I am a man who love to have fun and share affection with someone i love. I like walking in the park, cooking, fishing, camping, reading, watching movies, concerts, dancing, swimming, horse riding, golf, music, motorcycle, art, dinning out, amu*****t park. I like relaxing by the water, whether it's the Beach or the Waterfront, the River, it doesn't matter. I also get great satisfaction from spending time at the Park on a beautiful day. I am very open minded, i speak my thoughts, feelings and desires openly. I believe i should be able to put my heart in my mates hands and have confidence that she will cherish and protect my heart as i would her. I have mountains of true pure love for one and only one woman. I seek a woman that is very open minded, who is not afraid or uncomfortable with expressing her feelings, thoughts, desires with me.

I need someone who likes frequent physical and emotional connection like I do, but who helps keeps dependency in check in the relationship so that we do not lose our identities as individuals.