Friendship New York City  04 oct 2015

Life long New Yorker in Career Transition Seeking Intelligent Friend

Hey-As a life long New Yorker, always took for granted that NYC was an easy city to make friends in. Turns out, its not. After leaving my law firm in 2014 for a scholarship to get another degree and now trying to transition to a different career, I realized that the friends I had from childhood, college, and law school who were in the city are now either gone from NYC entirely or so busy with their own lives they might as well be gone. Then I realized that every time I've been in NYC from when I was a kid to when I was working, I was always so structured and busy, I never had a moment when my day was not entirely planned out-and thus, never realized how isolating this city can be or how lonely.

I am looking for like-minded intelligent people of a similar age, girls or guys, who are interested in taking in all the city does have to offer, cultural, athletic, theatre, hiking, sailing, nightlife, food, or otherwise, because while it might not be fun to go at these events alone, NYC does have an amazing array of activities to choose from and being as I am from here, I know a great deal about many of them.

Dating would be fun but if it happens it happens-mostly just looking for intelligent and funny conversation from nice and cool people.


Maria Lebron Hey sounds like a common problem! Would definitely be great to make some new friends.What kind of activities are you into?