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Looking for fun and friends!

08 jul   New York

Hey guys,

I am from New York and I love going out and meeting new people. I would love to find more friends that are open minded and active that would like to meet up for drinks or go clubbing on weekends. I am super easy going and very light hearted.

I was thinking to open a new Whats up conversation where people would get the chance to meet each other and find groups to go out with or events that they havent seen before that someone might suggest.

I love when people are moving and exchanging, cus life is all about sharing!

Brooke Hey sounds cool....maybe start a whatsapp group
Rudy Wild
Rudy Wild Hi admin if u are willing to make a whatsapp group pls add me there
Ged Musavuli
Ged Musavuli pls add me also