Whatsapp  21 jun New York

going out tonight and meeting new people

Hey people its Saturday Helllooooo world:)]

My name is OOna and I am Finish I live in New York with my family since I was a kid I would love to go out tonight and have fun on some nice event

I am an artist and most of my friends are painetrs and photographers, however I would like to change a scene abit and meet more diffrent people and get to know them better.

I heard that tonight there is an awsome opening of Budha Bar so lets go and check it out It would be nice to for a group of people that would have fun together. We could open a Whats up group for checking in


Andrea OOna lets go to that opening tonight im loving it
Danae hey Andrea and /oona, I would love to join you guys
Saravanan Kumar tag me on group..
Metsfan2020 [516] 388-9061