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Looking for love New York

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Your group for finding true love; find love with men and women in our group. Only for those who still believe in love.
  • English male.

    Brian, 46 New York

    Hello, I am a Englishman living in NY
    I am fairly normal I think?
    I have an easy going outlook on life and feel young at heart.
    I enjoy the beach, mountains, countryside, Diy,
    What do you search for in a relationship?
    are you looking for a permanent friendship?
    I am searching for a lady younger than myself , I feel i need to because I feel young myself and want to ...

  • Love

    Shawnz, 20 New York

    Just need the right girl any women who needs someone to talk to or have a relationship with text me
  • making friends with other married couples

    Evelyn, 35 New York

    I am married and we are looking to make friends with other married couples. I believe taht social ntworking is one of the best ways to do it. It hardly happens to everyone who's partnered up but some of us married couples need a bit of a push to make new friends.

  • looking for someone who is like me

    Zowy, 35 New York

    I am a happy positive person who enjoys life. I have a great job, wonderful family and friends who I adore. My hobbies include, camping, dancing, music, fishing, sewing, learning new things.

    I am looking for a happy, committed relationship. I am looking for someone who is like me, kind, respectfull, understanding. I am an independent person but equally wants to balance shared happy t...

  • How does it feel to be single?

    Shani, 42 New York

    Hi Everyone, nice to meet you. I live in Australia and I have visited NY before-I love it! I have some questions as I am researching for my book about finding love. 

    What do you see as your biggest roadblock to actually finding someone to create a future with? What thoughts go around and around, keeping you up at night? What is the biggest symptom you experience in your life tha...

  • the right man

    Daisy, 37 New York

    The only one from 7 bilion... I do not need a "sugar daddies" with golden packages, I need a partner I could trust and share my life. For sure you should be strong and manly - I do not pay for dinner not because I can not approve it, but simply because I need to feel I am a woman; ) BTW, we can maybe enjoy travelling in historical sites with common knowledge and preference.

  • my happiness ever after

    Emma, 51 New York

    I am an easy person to get along with, I love cooking for family and friends, was told I am a good cook, love baking and gardening as well. I am not perfect but I learn through mistakes and try to change. I love holding hands, doing things together as a couple, spending quality time is something I think is romantic, He should be caring, understanding, faithful and willing to sit down and discus...

  • an active man

    Madonna, 55 New York

    I am an active person spending my free time(if any)dancing latino, reading, listening to music, skiing in winter, cycling in summer, hiking all year round... interested in history, geography, fine arts...
    A good listener- other people say, communicative, wearing casual clothes mostly, elegant if necessary.
    I am looking for an active, sporty man with a positive attidute to dancing, tra...

  • Looking for a girl in NYC

    Brooklyn, 27 New York

    I am looking to meet a good looking women in her 30s that is single and likes to go out. The person I am looking for needs to have a beautiful smile and seductive eyes. I am offering to take her out on a date

  • looking for romance and love

    Nicole, 36 New York

    I am a good looking women in her 30s and I am looking to meet a romantic and charming men who is in the mood for love. I love to spend time in restaurants, bars, take long walks and just be. I am looking for somebody who is mature and sucessful in life.

  • looking for female fashion designer or from fashion field

    Navin Alex, 44 New York

    I am haute couture  designer , from design , patterner , draper ,sample making ,presently living in japan Kyoto,like to move to Newyork and hope to meet female friend  in same field 

  • meet single men in New York

    Katty, 25 New York

    My name is Katty and I am single and interested to meet single men that live in New York. I would like to go out and dance, have fun. Maybe we could meet up for drinks or something casual.

  • HI there !!!

    DILIK, 29 New York

    Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise

  • İ wanna marry

    Furkan Ç, New York

    Hi im 21yo and 1,87cm. I can speak A little english cuz im from İstanbul / TURKEY.... I need A woman, Who Loves me like a Mother and teachs me everything. I dont want A alot of things. i searcing for Just Love i can do sacrifiece for My life, for My lifestyle n My city
  • my boyfriend left me

    Marina, 36 New York

    Hey people, yes it is true! My boyfriend left me and I need to move on with my life. I am in a serious need to meet new people, and go new places and do things I never did before so that I can feel better. I would like to find love in all new friendships I will make in the future!


    Jaspal Dhillon, 21 New York

    Hello everyone,

    firstly I'd like to inform you about me...

    I'm Jaspal Dhillon. I'm just 21. I'm from Punjab, India. I've done graduation under stream commerce and now pursuing course of CS(company secretary) from ICSI.

    about my actual life- I'm single boy, looking for a beloved.

    but thing is what I want a GF from New York...


    Salil Kumar Ad, New York


    PLEASE ADD ME    IN  WHATSAPP GROUPS,   MY NUMBER IS      91-89 43 18 93 07

  • friends instrested in discussing music and stuff

    flexsa, 21 New York

    hie there guys anyone out there wants to chat

  • hey, im jack. 19year old, cute boy...

    jack, 19 New York

    I want to make new friends so plz contact me..
  • Hai I want friendship from us

    akshay prakash, 19 New York

    Friends i love u.s i love friendship with u.s peoples.
  • Hey my best friends am looking forword to meet u all

    yaquob, 33 New York

    Please understand me u all specially girls. am Yemeni man live in Yemen ..33years old.. single never got married yet. because am poor. I hope to find a foreign girl and get married.. am so serious.. contact me on whatsapp. 00967777317631 or email.
  • looking a nice place to eat

    Ava, 36 New York

    I would like to take my girl friend Suzzy out for our anniversary. Does anyone have an idea to suggest me about a restaurant with nice athmosphere and food. I dont want to be cheesy romantic but I would love to make her feel good and happy! Thanks...

  • looking for a girl to go on a date

    Michel, 36 New York

    I would like to meet a nice and simple girl with gorgious smile and good looking body. I would be happy to invite her out for dinner on a date and have a good night out with her. I am a simple guy looking for simple things in life.

  • looking for love NYC

    Mire, 36 New York

    My name is Mireia and I am looking to meet a guy that would love to fall in love and have an amazing experience. I am looking for love and a romantic relationship with someone who is a good guy and has a positive approach to life.

  • looking for a women

    Mark, 33 New York

    I am intrested into dating and finding a women that would allow me to her on a date. I am looking for someone who knows what she wants and someone who is good looking and easy going that has a good sense of humor.

  • looking for a partner

    Alayah, 33 New York

    I am intrested into finding a love partner, metting a nice looking girl and going out on a date.I am looking for a hot, smart and funny girl that is easy going and likes romantic dates.

  • friends with benefits????

    Nevaeh, 38 New York

    I am ooking to make new friendships, love friendships. I am suggesting friends with benefits an esy going relationship based on love and friendship. No attachments and no heart breaking! A easy and not comlicated way...I am looking for a girl!

  • Rap and hip hop party

    Cassidy, 36 New York

    Sup peepz! I am Cassidy from dow town New York. I am a rap singer and hip hop artist and I am inviting everybody to come and attend my new gig, a project I have been working on with couple of friends. We will be performing live near Hyde Park this Tuesday evening. Everybody is invited!

  • to fall in love again

    suzzy, 26 New York

    i am looking for somebody, a single men who is charming and elegegant with a good taste. I am intrested into having a night out somethning romantic like a dinner and see what happens next:) I am looking for somebody with soft smile and great charms.

  • lover 69 forever

    lover69, 36 New York

    I am a single men looking for some love. I am fully available and in the mood:)

  • I am looking for an interesting, simple, nice woman with a sense of humor

    Donald, 28 New York

    I am looking for an interesting, simple, nice woman with a sense of humor. I am hoping to be able to share with you interesting, happy and entertaining moments. 

  • I need you to be happy that you got me in your life. Love Love Love

    Sophie, 36 New York

    I need you to be happy that you got me in your life, to be proud and have faith in me! I hope you are an optimist and always can find positive sides in life's events.

     I will be happy if you love children,animal and more to nature.I like to travel and to learn new things. I will be your support in any hard affair

  • Looking for a honest relationship and friendship in New York City

    Danny, 45 New York

    I'm Danny smith from Maryland in New York city,i have two kids and i lost my wife in a cancer death,,just check in. Looking for a friendship, honest relationship - also many friends i also believe in the golden rule and consider myself a gentleman