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Looking for love New York

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Your group for finding true love; find love with men and women in our group. Only for those who still believe in love.

  • looking for someone who is like me

    24 jul   New York

    I am a happy positive person who enjoys life. I have a great job, wonderful family and friends who I adore. My hobbies include, camping, dancing, music, fishing, sewing, learning new things.

    I am looking for a happy, committed relationship. I am looking for someone who is like me, kind, respectfull, understanding. I am an independent person but equally wants to balance shared happy times with someone who is ambitious, intelligent and able to take initiative.

    luckyrajraushan Heyyyy....I-m ready for it....

  • the right man

    17 jul   New York

    The only one from 7 bilion... I do not need a "sugar daddies" with golden packages, I need a partner I could trust and share my life. For sure you should be strong and manly - I do not pay for dinner not because I can not approve it, but simply because I need to feel I am a woman; ) BTW, we can maybe enjoy travelling in historical sites with common knowledge and preference.

  • msg me if u interested.

    20 nov   New York

    Hiii...alllll friends I'm lucky....and I'm looking for a gf now.....if anyone interested they can msg me.....looking for any age....

  • Someone to laugh with, hang out with

    27 oct   New York

    I am a professional person and I would describe myself as stable in my career and goal-oriented. I enjoy making people laugh. I am intelligent and can carry on meaningful conversations. I care about other people's feelings. . . When I'm with someone special, I like being spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, surprising them with little gestures, sensual, playful, and basically having that type of fun you see two people who just met in the movies having! Someone to laugh with, hang out with, be spontaneous with, and have fun with! I'm looking for someone who has similar qualities and desires someone who they can connect with . . . I feel there has to be a mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people. Having some similar interests helps. Some things I enjoy are fine dining, live concerts, going dancing, watching movies including foreign films, traveling which I do often for work, going on day trips to local attractions, having romantic nights at home, cuddling, and basically having a fantastic time...

    I am seeking a long term relationship with the one girl.

  • someone who likes frequent physical and emotional connection

    14 sep   New York

    I am a man who love to have fun and share affection with someone i love. I like walking in the park, cooking, fishing, camping, reading, watching movies, concerts, dancing, swimming, horse riding, golf, music, motorcycle, art, dinning out, amu*****t park. I like relaxing by the water, whether it's the Beach or the Waterfront, the River, it doesn't matter. I also get great satisfaction from spending time at the Park on a beautiful day. I am very open minded, i speak my thoughts, feelings and desires openly. I believe i should be able to put my heart in my mates hands and have confidence that she will cherish and protect my heart as i would her. I have mountains of true pure love for one and only one woman. I seek a woman that is very open minded, who is not afraid or uncomfortable with expressing her feelings, thoughts, desires with me.

    I need someone who likes frequent physical and emotional connection like I do, but who helps keeps dependency in check in the relationship so that we do not lose our identities as individuals.

  • long term relationship which will lead to something great

    07 sep   New York

    i'm warm, loyal, down-to-earth, genuine, self-aware, fun and believe in passion and romance. I love hanging out with friends and family but mostly enjoy spending quality time with that special someone in my life. I have a fun spirit, I’m young at heart and have a great love for life. I have a passion for the outdoors, especially in the warmer weather. I enjoy road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, horseback riding, working out at the gym, long walks on the beach or in a park, working around my house, gardening, playing with my dog, and weekend getaways.

    I'm attractive and good looking person with a great personality. I love myself and i'm a happy person.

  • a great sense of humor

    28 aug   New York

    I have been told I do not fit into a box very well... I'm 50/50 introvert/extrovert. I am a cross between that extroverted adventurous girl that you go rafting with and the introverted responsible girl that reads books. I have established a career for myself but have also made time to indulge my creative side and taking trips to explore the beauty and wonders of the world. Its me time... and I want to share it with that wonderful man I would walk the world and be a fool for.
    Two people walking hand in hand, looking into each others eyes, laughing and talking like the rest of the world around them doesn't exist. Imagine these two people have so many things in common like romance, friendship, compassion, enjoying the little things in life and a great sense of humor. Yet they have enough differences to keep life exciting and unpredictable. The two of them enjoy going out to dinner although staying home for a quiet dinner for two is just as great. They like to spend time with friends, listening to music and going to the movies. Listening to each other, honesty and respect are very important to both of them. They are having a great time getting to know each other and who knows what the future may bring for them. Now, imagine that one of those people is you and one of them is me. If you can picture it then we have a lot to talk about. I would be waiting....

  • I-m looking for a man who exclusively is dating me

    26 aug   New York

    Somewhat quiet and shy until I get to know people then my true personality shines through where I am a bit of a nutter but not in a psycho way, funny, witty and loveable. I work in a government department (no surprises there) and enjoy my admin role. I have two boys who come first in my life. Looking for a third to go on dates with, and increase my knowledge of culture through theatre, museums art galleries etc.
    Have been slim my whole life, although now at 49 I have a bit of a tummy. My hair is shoulder length. I wear minimal makeup and jeans/smart casual clothes. I've been told my lips are my best feature. Guess you'll just gave to see.
    I'm looking for a man who exclusively is dating me. Not trolling the dating sites and keeping their options open. But I like men to treat me nicely, including no yelling, no mind games, no baggage, no lying about their age. As you can see I have trust issues. I like my man to be taller than me and clean shaven. Love the salt n pepper look and preferably not completely bald. I love men wearing suits and who smell amazing. Fabulous if they look after their body, but no gym junkies please.

  • looking for a proper relationship

    23 aug   New York

    I'm easy going, good sense of humour, enjoy most things, looking forward to the future, a new life.
    I'm slim, like to dress up or down, modern, I'm told I have a winning smile, nice eyes, I'm a size ten, shoulder length blonde hair.
    I am looking for a proper relationship, someone who is funny and kind, with the same values as me.

    christopher Hello Dreamy, am Christopher from Africa, am 19 years old, i need help can you take me your funny boy, pls contact me on 233533828693 or my email
  • soft and gentle nature

    23 aug   New York

    Teacher, like gardening, travel, hiking and long walks. Widower many years now Looking to start a new life.
    A little thin on top as they say, average height and build. Work too hard and need to slow down and relax a little more. I tend to like to be in control, what teacher doesn't? love my cottage and garden.
    Loyal, soft and gentle nature, home maker. She will not need to work but could if she wishes but not necessary. I expect to be spending more time at home and less at work in the future.

  • Someone who is compassionate and positive

    10 aug   New York

    I like travelling and experiencing different cultures and share this with that special person would make it the ultimate experience.
    My appearance is casual but smart when i need to, my best features are my eyes.
    Someone who is compassionate and positive with a sincere nature who loves to laugh and is kind.

  • my happiness ever after

    08 aug   New York

    I am an easy person to get along with, I love cooking for family and friends, was told I am a good cook, love baking and gardening as well. I am not perfect but I learn through mistakes and try to change. I love holding hands, doing things together as a couple, spending quality time is something I think is romantic, He should be caring, understanding, faithful and willing to sit down and discuss when there is a problem. When I am in a relationship, I commit myself 100 , I believe both party should have the same view in a relationship, good communication is very important.

    I would love to find my happy ever after if it still exists A man I am looking for is someone who is patient, generous, family oriented, understanding and caring, someone who are looking for the same as me in a relationship. If you would like to know anything else then just ask If I don't answer your message then your probably that I don't think your my type and it's nothing personal Please do not contact me, if you are looking for a one night stand, just dating for fun or casual relationship. Sorry I have to be direct as I don't want to waste anybody time. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

  • i like to be loved

    26 jul   New York

    I am matured lady, humbled, loving and caring who likes to be loved and appreciated by her man! I like spending my extra time with a man I love, being spoiled and spoil him back by showering him with love and care.

    black hair, my body type is medium and curved. I dress fashionably depending on occasion And like to smell nice

    I need a man who is down to earth to protect and treating his lady as a queen

  • looking for a loving man

    25 jul   New York

    woman of 28 years single and never married, I love traveling and also having fun with my man
    I am within a healthy weight range and still quite muscular. I tend toward casual dress and I don't care much for formalities or drama. I will know when I meet a caring man, is gonna do all I want
    looking for a faithful, honest, caring and a loving man who can fulfill my heart desires

  • an active man

    17 jul   New York

    I am an active person spending my free time(if any)dancing latino, reading, listening to music, skiing in winter, cycling in summer, hiking all year round... interested in history, geography, fine arts...
    A good listener- other people say, communicative, wearing casual clothes mostly, elegant if necessary.
    I am looking for an active, sporty man with a positive attidute to dancing, travelling, visting art galleries, sincere with sense of humour...

  • I am male seeking female

    11 jul   New York

    Hi, my name is Matheu. 43 year old boy. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places. Favour holidays where there's lots to see and do, as opposed to lying on a beach/by the pool.

    I guess I'm looking for a genuine person who doesn't take things too seriously and with whom I can share similar interests. Someone who could introduce me to new experiences would also be good though!

  • English male.

    07 jul   New York

    Hello, I am a Englishman living in NY
    I am fairly normal I think?
    I have an easy going outlook on life and feel young at heart.
    I enjoy the beach, mountains, countryside, Diy,
    What do you search for in a relationship?
    are you looking for a permanent friendship?
    I am searching for a lady younger than myself , I feel i need to because I feel young myself and want to continue the feeling.
    I need a lady to enjoy time with me, enjoy meals out and activities like taking a dip in the pool together cosy winter nights in front of the fire.
    So if you want to know more please contact me.
    I search for companionship, and honesty.

  • Meet

    19 mar   New York

    Hello everybody Im yunus i Live in turkey im 25 years old i want to improve my english , please contact me on whatsapp my number 90 536 548 33 21
    Maybe travel meet friendship bla bla , see you

  • Looking for a girl in NYC

    28 aug   New York

    I am looking to meet a good looking women in her 30s that is single and likes to go out. The person I am looking for needs to have a beautiful smile and seductive eyes. I am offering to take her out on a date

  • looking for romance and love

    25 apr   New York

    I am a good looking women in her 30s and I am looking to meet a romantic and charming men who is in the mood for love. I love to spend time in restaurants, bars, take long walks and just be. I am looking for somebody who is mature and sucessful in life.

    Christian hey girl, you like mojitos?
    sarkozy I think it is me
  • looking for female fashion designer or from fashion field

    16 apr   New York

    I am haute couture  designer , from design , patterner , draper ,sample making ,presently living in japan Kyoto,like to move to Newyork and hope to meet female friend  in same field 

  • meet single men in New York

    04 jun   New York

    My name is Katty and I am single and interested to meet single men that live in New York. I would like to go out and dance, have fun. Maybe we could meet up for drinks or something casual.

    Mo I am single new yorker...should we meet up?
    Mohammadbadr I wish i can meet you
  • HI there !!!

    15 jul   New York

    Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise

  • ─░ wanna marry

    26 jul   New York

    Hi im 21yo and 1,87cm.
    I can speak A little english cuz im from ─░stanbul / TURKEY....
    I need A woman, Who Loves me like a Mother and teachs me everything.
    I dont want A alot of things. i searcing for Just Love i can do sacrifiece for My life, for My lifestyle n My city

    Alexyigidey Reyote Gidey Well where to begin... My life-s goal is to own a piece of the Moon. I listen to rap music wearing a huge mexican hat and often dance around my house in nothing but a tutu and gorilla slippers. I have an iq of 163 but dyed my hair blonde to counteract all that intelligence. I can-t eat off plates that have pictures of horses on them. Sometimes I like to chew gum, run through the house with scissors, eat whip cream straight from the spray nozzles and compose piano symphonies in my head all at the same time. I am agnostic, but I follow the ten commandments anyways and I do pray and often use chat rooms as confessionals. I like the way a q-tip feels in my ear. I have a very long tongue. My eyes get me in a lot of trouble. I am weird, but I am happy and a dang decent person. Someday I will be as famous as alexyi.godey Bullock. Maybe.
    Alexyigidey Reyote Gidey Well where to begin... My life-s goal is to own a piece of the Moon. I listen to rap music wearing a huge mexican hat and often dance around my house in nothing but a tutu and gorilla slippers. I have an iq of 163 but dyed my hair blonde to counteract all that intelligence. I can-t eat off plates that have pictures of horses on them. Sometimes I like to chew gum, run through the house with scissors, eat whip cream straight from the spray nozzles and compose piano symphonies in my head all at the same time. I am agnostic, but I follow the ten commandments anyways and I do pray and often use chat rooms as confessionals. I like the way a q-tip feels in my ear. I have a very long tongue. My eyes get me in a lot of trouble. I am weird, but I am happy and a dang decent person. Someday I will be as famous as alexyi.godey Bullock. Maybe.
  • my boyfriend left me

    03 jun   New York

    Hey people, yes it is true! My boyfriend left me and I need to move on with my life. I am in a serious need to meet new people, and go new places and do things I never did before so that I can feel better. I would like to find love in all new friendships I will make in the future!

    Luke Lopez Don-t let the next guy get hurt and be the rebound.
    Moha hi everyone
    Norma Jean Clark Hi im look 4 that mr rite in new york. One that will treat me rite An that will love me an accept me 4 who i am I have a soon to be 11 year old lil girl. I live in tennessee. So if u interested plz contact me
    Nick Anderson hello as u said your bf is gone you need somebody to forgot him so as a personal advice you should make more and more new friends who can help you to overcome from your can contact me on my whatsapp no 918401947406

    23 dec   New York

    Hello everyone,

    firstly I'd like to inform you about me...

    I'm Jaspal Dhillon. I'm just 21. I'm from Punjab, India. I've done graduation under stream commerce and now pursuing course of CS(company secretary) from ICSI.

    about my actual life- I'm single boy, looking for a beloved.

    but thing is what I want a GF from New York, the reason behind it that i want to visit here in NY and spend my life in NY with a really nice life partner b'cos I can't explain my love toward New York and its people..

    So I'm waiting here for that nice one....

    and you can also visit on my Facebook account for talking to me and friendship me from the link-


    Thank You..


    21 jan   New York


    PLEASE ADD ME    IN  WHATSAPP GROUPS,   MY NUMBER IS      91-89 43 18 93 07

  • friends instrested in discussing music and stuff

    07 mar   New York

    hie there guys anyone out there wants to chat

    Hugh Jackman Prakash Yeah I want it..msg me 919976641287
    Hugh Jackman Prakash Yeah I want it..msg me 919976641287
  • hey, im jack. 19year old, cute boy...

    31 may   New York

    I want to make new friends so plz contact me..

  • Hai I want friendship from us

    15 dec   New York

    Friends i love u.s i love friendship with u.s peoples.

    cute baby Add me in WhatsApp group.... My number is.. 254711625262
  • Hey my best friends am looking forword to meet u all

    11 jun   New York

    Please understand me u all specially girls.
    am Yemeni man live in Yemen ..33years old.. single never got married yet. because am poor. I hope to find a foreign girl and get married.. am so serious.. contact me on whatsapp. 00967777317631 or email.

  • true love

    30 nov   New York

    Hrlo am pretty from africa,am looking for true love from men am single and searching for aGod fearing guy ready to come for me in africa-Uganda.more information about me just hello at me so that we get to know each other.thankz

  • looking a nice place to eat

    01 jun   New York

    I would like to take my girl friend Suzzy out for our anniversary. Does anyone have an idea to suggest me about a restaurant with nice athmosphere and food. I dont want to be cheesy romantic but I would love to make her feel good and happy! Thanks...

    Giselle hey what type of food do you like? there is nice Mxican restaurant on the 6th AVe.
    Loro Italian vs Fench?
  • looking for a girl to go on a date

    03 jun   New York

    I would like to meet a nice and simple girl with gorgious smile and good looking body. I would be happy to invite her out for dinner on a date and have a good night out with her. I am a simple guy looking for simple things in life.

    Marina we could go out together!
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