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Language exchange New York

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Exchange languages with foreign or local partners in New York, Language exchange group, free language exchange in New York exchange any language, learn Catalan, English, Chinese, Arab.

  • Meet interesting and fun people to talk to and hang out with!

    05 oct   New York

    Hello Everyone, My name is Maria. I grew up in Brooklyn but have moved around the northeast a lot and have been in Manhattan for the last 10 years. I have a very anti-social job (cancer researcher) and work-place, so meeting people is difficult and I would love to make some cool new friends. I'm teaching myself to play the guitar, badly lol, and am trying to learn to speak French since I understand it very well but need to practice talking. I'd love to meet someone with whom to practice my french or have drinks, ride a bike and explore the city with or any number of fun things!

    Maria Lebron It sucks to say the least lol. So have you managed to find any cool people on this site? What do you like to do for fun Ahmed?
    Ahmed007 no , i didn-t find yet . i-d like to meet some people for talk , language exchange, hang out and any other interesting activities would be cool for me .
    Robert Kubica Maria, I know it-s kind of weird, but I thought I would speak to you. I-m Robert from Oklahoma. My wife-s of 17 years is Jossie. We have a 13 yr old daughter Ginny and a 14 year old son Rudy. We are coming to NY for 5 days and I was hoping to find a friend to hang with and teach us a little about NY. Honestly, we will step off the plane into another world and in 5 days the whirlwind will consume us. We won-t know what to do. I-m just a guy who loves my wife. Help us? talk?
    osborndino If you are a really the serious type then plz holla me presently on 2347061193337 till I arrive NY by February.
  • New friends in Queens NYC and language exchange

    24 mar   New York

     I am really a sincere and honest person am caring kind friendly very easy to get along with am social passionate intelligent cool headed adaptive have a big heart and i do believe in the truth and honest cause i believe honest is the only key to human success and with honest our dreams will just be the greatest and the best of all... I know its hard to be completely honest but i try to be who i am

  • Language exchange spanish english

    31 mar   New York

    I would like to get to know an Spanish girl or guy in New York who wants to do a language exchange.

    petejc hey dude any luck finding friends or language exchange? I-m learning Spanish also, and going to Argentina for all of July. Hit me up. Pete
  • I can not wait to meet you all

    22 aug   New York

    New York is so full of interesting people and things to do I can't wait to start doing them

    treasure Whatsapp me, 2349030422539
  • I would like to practice my english

    06 feb   New York

    I am a Dutch man who wants to meet people to keep practicing my english, I live some time in the USA and in Holland. In exchange I am a good guide in Holland! And I can also help you with your dutch.

    See you soon!

  • Looking to meet up with people

    06 jul   New York

    Heye everyone,

    I am Niomi and I am from New York. I am a big sucker for going out and meeting people, right now I am looking for meeting more people from around here and socialize a bit more.

    I would like to do a laguage exchage with someone, for example I would love to learn Spaanish or Italian and in return I could help the other persone practice english and conversation.

    I would be interested into meeting up for drinks in the town and getting a chance to have a casual meet up! I would love to find new friends and people to hang out with!

    Diego hey lets meet for drinks one day>?
    Trinity hello Niomi, I would love to meet you!
  • To look some one for drink a couple of beers or get out just for a coffee

    16 may   New York

    I am a 33y Just arriving to NYC for work reasons; amazing city, I want to share time with some one interested in other languages talk, like just get a coffee or walk at central park. Sometime a couple of beers or get dinner and a movie.

  • Would like to meet awesome people

    20 jun   New York
    Hi, anyone out there open for conversation?
  • I will meet other people who would like to hang out,travel , go shopping

    01 may   New York
    Hi everyone! I-m just new in the city and feeling kinda lonely. I would like to find someone to hang out , spend an interesting time. I love to travel and to find out new spots in my surrounding.If it sounds like you Feel free to leave a message.
    Natalia T Hi Michela let-s chat on what-sup if you don-t mind that will be easier :)
    Mark Hey! I would like to meet you and go out some time!
    DAVID NGIAM Hi Natalia, It would be nice to browse in stores, eateries, bowling, billiards, movies with u, central park frisbee catch, picnic in the park. here
    deprince92 Wassup guys let-s create a what sup group chat pls drop your phone number my is 2348175743301

  • looking for friends

    30 mar   New York

    hi friends i join you for sharing with you guys what we have thank you

    David kayuni 255717224973 add me
  • Language exchange, meeting new friends

    10 jan   New York

    hello everybody my name is Zayn, I am 24 years old and I am from the UK. I would like to exchange my English for Francois and i would also like to meet new friends. I am situated in New York. If anybody is interested please feel free to contact me, also group meeting are welcome. 

  • Looking forn a language exchange

    12 jan   New York

    I recently moved to New York from Barcelona and I am very interested in doing a language exchange for English. Would love to meet up, talk and help each other learn a new language.

  • Meet those who are interested in languages exchange...

    12 jan   New York

    Hi for all of you!

    I'm Rachid and I'm just joined the programe, so I'm still green here, here. I'm looking for new people who migth be interested in talking in different languages in other to practice and improve our language skills as well as to go for a coffee or somewhere where you can dance.

    Talk to you soon hopefully!


  • Meeting people to language exchange

    18 jan   New York

    Hi Guys!!!

    I hope you all are doing well.

    I am a spanish guy looking for meeting people. I just arrived in New York two months ago from Spain and I would like to meet some people to keep practicing my English and going out to have some drinks and spend some time.

    If you are interested, I can exchange my Spanish for your English.

    Have a nice day all :)


  • language exchange and friendships

    18 jun   New York

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Alex and most of my life I have been living in America in New York. I am fluent in 3 languages including Egnglish, French and Italian. I love learning new languages and making friends with people that share the same interests like me.

    I would like to suggest a language exchange with anybody who speaks Arab or Japaneese. This could be a great chance to make new friends and learn how to speak another language.

    We could meetin a coffee place or grap a bite to eat down town and this way get to know us better and see how this language exchange idea could work out for both of us!

    Thank you,

    Tara hello Alex this could be super fun and enjoyable experience. I speak Spanish so maybe we could exchange??
    Miriam hello Alex, I would like to meet up, I am half Portuguese!
  • meet people for drinks, chats, having fun etc.

    16 jun   New York

    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Norm and I am 34 years old, just moved to New York from California. I speak English and Italian and I love meeting people from diffrent backgrounds!

    I would be intrested to meet people from NYC that would like to make friends and have drinks or go out and attend an interesting event. I love exchangig languages also so if you speak any other language than English, it would be fun to exchange languages.

    Also I am very out going and sociable so I like to talk a lot with my friends and simply learn more about them and their everyday lifes.

    What do you say, should we meet up?

    Ana hey Norm, I would love to meet you and get to know you better. I would like to meet up for drinks:)
    Dania I would like to join you!
  • anybody speaks Japanese?

    10 jun   New York

    Hello I need to find somebody that speaks Japanese so that he or she could teach me a few basic things. I would love to speak this language and I would be interested into doing hard and serious work. I really need to learn how to speak Japaese.

    Ana hi there! I can help you! I speak Japanese!
    Mona hey i could help you also!