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Jazz New York

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Jazz group in New York, listen to jazz, attend jazz concerts or learn to play jazz, all jazz fans are welcome

  • Looking for Jazz lovers and new friends!

    29 jun   New York


    I am Anabella and I am from NYC. In my free time I attend a lot of culltural and art events.  I love music and music avenues, especially Jazz gigs and nice concerts!

    I woud be interested to meet people who share the same passion for music like I am  and who would ike to go with me to a few Jazz gigs down town. Also I am very much interested into meeting new people who are easy going and who love to enjo life.

    Right now I am in the mood of socializing and making new friendships! I woud  love to meet for drinks or go dancing with someone!

    Jerry Hey Anabella my partner and I are big lovers of Jazz! Lets go all together!
    Lily hello Anabella this looks interesting! I would love to join:)
  • casual meet ups and friendships!

    21 jun   New York

    Hey people,

    Im Mike and I am from New York. I love to make friends and socialize a lot outdoors. I am working most of my time for a company so I dont really have much time to fun stuff like clubbing, events etc.

    That is why I would love to meet people who like Jazz and small avenues with nice gigs. I am a big lover of Jazz music and culture and I love listening to it! Also I love to meet my friends for drinks after work etc.

    I would be happy to find people to meet on casual occasions and be friends and have fun together chatting and having drinks, maybe going for a gig etc.

    Oona hey Mike, im loving the idea would you like to go out tonight?
    Andrea hey oona and mike id love to meet you guys!

  • listen Jazz/Jazz gigs

    04 jun   New York

    I would like to meet more Jazz lovers, I love this music and attending this events so I would like to invite all interested people to come and join me on a Jazz night this Thursday down town. Its a super cool bar with live Jazz gig.

    Tina id love to come with you! i love jazz!
    Eric we would love to come!
  • looking for a dance partner

    19 may   New York

    I love Jazz and and electro swing. I am looking for a gay male partner to come and join me on a fun night in Jazz avenues. This could be so much fun, all the night dancing and listening to good music. Let me know if you are gay and intrested.

    Gemma i would love to make you company!
    Noelle go guys! this is awesome!
  • Jazz classes and workshops

    04 may   New York

    I would like to organize classes of jazz music and instruments. Jazz is very typical scene for New York and a lot of people are intrested to know more about it. I would like to organize classes of jazz music and instruments in my own studio. The idea is to have constant worksops for jazz lovers.

    Khira hey sounds amazing! heads up!
    Jack sweet , i am from UK and I would love to know more about Jazz!!
  • Jazz lover

    14 apr   New York

    Hey my name is Sania and I am a big jazz lover. Me and a group of 5 girls go out every Friday night to hear good jazz gigs in down town. If you are a lady that likes jazz music we are always happy to meet a new girlfriend.