Hiking New York

Group for hiking and walking trails in New York.
Hiking group in New York, hiking tours in New York and its surroundings and mountain escapades. Free hiking routes in New York..

  • Seeking Women to friends

    21 mar Lisa, 34

    I'm a woman, seeking Women to friends I am simple person, live alone, love big tennis, swimm, travel, dance, reading, comedian films, i want to ...
  • Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise

    17 mar New york frien, 33

    I am outdoorsy, indoorsy and curious about everything. I love animals and photography, music and dancing. If it's a weekend I'm more than like...
  • Hiking in the city

    30 sep Nybuddy, 25

    What are great places to hike within the city? It can be all boroughs. :D ...
  • Meeting people and hiking:)

    01 jul Juan, 35

    Hello everyone, I would like to invite all of you who are intrested into hiking to attend a small exusrions I have been planing to organize with ...

  • anybody up for hiking?

    25 apr Akon, 26

    I am organizing a hiking trip away from the city with a group of 4 friends. We are looking for more people to join anc cheap in for the petrol, we hav...
  • I love al

    24 nov Irfan malik

    I want to learn American accent please add me on whatsapp plus 919797135032...
  • making hiking trips

    24 may Dario, 33

    I would love to make a hiking trip with some friends and we always need more people to join us. We were thinking to leave next weekend for a mountain ...
  • hiking in NYC, lotz of fun!

    19 apr Ben, 27

    People, I am organizing a hiking group to make a field trip outside of the city. We are already 3 persons and we enjoy nature and speaning time outdoo...
  • Excursions near New York

    10 apr Placatu, 28

    Hello people! A week of holidays is coming does anybody have any suggestions for a field trip or camping. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I would...

  • Seeking nice friend in New York

    05 apr Paul flemang, 28

    Hi, I'm male from New York i'm seeking nice female friend for hiking, excursions and others hobbies ...
  • Know some people and go for walks around New York

    30 mar Kapilius, 35

    To get to know some people and go for walks around New York, I would like to find some people who like to go to the mountains and go for walks. ...
  • Seeking people for hiking near NYC New York city

    19 mar Allyn, 32

    I'm a woman, seeking people for hiking near NYC I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to...