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Going out for a drink New York

On this group you'll find people for going out for a drink, have a few beers in and around New York. Arrange to go out for a drink with people in New York.


  • Meet girlfriends to do things with (go out for a drink, go out, etc.)

    12 apr New York

    I am looking to meet some new NYC-based girlfriends to do things with (go out for a drink, get coffee, check out the city, etc.)

    Anovembre, 44
  • meet people intrested to go out

    02 may New York

    My name is Miranda and I have been travelling a lot, I have recently moved to NYC and I am intrested to meet people who are from around here and know the city. I would like to expand my acquintances and make new friends to go out with for a drink or for dancing.

    Miranda, 39

  • meet a man and see what happens:D

    01 may New York

    I am a women in her 30s and I would like to meet a men that is good looking and availiable to goon a date. In my age people are not so opened like when they were younger and I would like to meet an older men who is stable and knows what he wants.

    Tiara, 33
  • Meet other people who are going to a Bar/Club/Playing Texas Holdem tonight

    21 nov New York

    Who's out tonight ? 

    Karl, 34
  • New to NYC, want to meet new people.

    14 jan New York

    I am new to NYC and am looking to meet new people.  I enjoy going out for drinks, coffee chats, shopping, and exploring what the city has to offer.

    Stephanie, 22
  • Meet other people who like to go out for a drink

    09 jun New York

    Hello there.....My name is Vineeth and I moved to NYC few days back for work. I like to make some new friends and go out for a drink or coffee. Maybe explore the city too.

    Vineeth subbar, 24
  • looking for people to have good times with!

    03 jul New York

    Hello everybody,

    I am living in New York and I love to skate board and spend time down town walking around the city and meeting people. I love good music and go very often to music events such as rock concerts and gigs. I play a guitar and I spend a lot of free time reading.

    I would be interested into meeting people from diffrent backgrounds and having a chanse to learn some...

    Matthew, 34
  • Wanna hang , lets meet

    04 oct New York

    Looking for friends to go out have a great time
    Joanne Aquino
    Joanne aquino
  • lets go out for drinks!

    14 jun New York

    Hello everybody! I would like to find people that would like to go out for drinks and have fun in the town. I am looking for easy going people that have free time to enjoy life!

    Neithon, 34

  • i would simply like to meet people

    06 jun New York

    My name is Nicolas and I am vey open ans socialble. I would liuke to meet people and make new connections and relationships! So if you are interested to go for a coffe or a drink let me know cus I am up for it!

    Nicolas, 23
  • A girl from DC coming to New York

    01 jun New York

    Hey guys I will be coming to New york for a weekend next week for a bussines trip and I would love to meet people from the city. We could go out and eat or even go to drinks and having fun around. I will be staying very short time so i would like to have as mch as fun!

    Erine, 36
  • beer after work, down town

    31 may New York

    Hey all of you! I would like to share the amazing bar I have discovered in down town perfect for a beer after work. Some collegues and I are going and we would like to invite more people to come and join us on Mondays after work.

    Sally, 36
  • casual get-togethers

    16 may New York

    I would like to invite as many people as possible for a casual get-together in a freendly environment where everyone is welcomed. I was thinking about a meet up where you would have a chance to get to know more people in a laid back and social atmosphere. We could meet for drinks one days and for food the other days.

    Paris, 25
  • Beers, fun and new connections!

    14 may New York

    I am looking to meet people who like beer and drinking games to have fun and make new friends. It is as easy as it sounds. Lets meet up in a local bar and get to know each other.

    Alexis, 39
  • looking for a date at galla opening

    05 may New York

    Hey I am looking for a date, a men who would like to accompany me to the galla opening of a new Thai restaurant in down town. I got two entrances and I need company, someone who like Thai food and is elegant.

    Lyla, 33

  • bar cruzing in NYC

    03 may New York

    I am part of a group of 4 boys that like to go bar crzing in New York, home of milions beautiful ladies. We would like to invite more people to join us for bar cruzing and tequila shots. We are quite fun to be around and we like to have good times.

    Alain, 33
  • organize a night out

    01 may New York

    Hello people, I would like to organize a night out and form a group of at lest 5 people that would be intrested into meeting up in a bar fro drinks and then go to a club for partying. We can organize a meeting poin and places we would go to and simply have fun and enjoy the good night out, relax and go with the flow.

    Todor, 36
  • meeting up for drinks

    25 apr New York

    Hey guys I heard that they have opened up a new bar down on the 6th Avenue, I would like to go out and try their mojitos. afterwards we could go clubbing, I am very opened so boys or girls, join in and lets have fun:)

    Christian, 42
  • Kevin
    Kevin, 42
  • I am looking to meet people to go out

    15 apr New York

    Hi, I am looking to meet people to go out, eat out, have a drink , have a laugh. Happy and easy people that like to have good time in life and make good moments. Also chat, and talk about things. I am 35 and am interested in to filling my world with good people and make real connections.

    Laura, 35
  • Carlton
    Carlton, 35
  • I-m Women from NYC, seeking girls for friendship

    19 mar New York

    Well am Laura, Single and never been married, Have no kids. i grown up in Australia ,But was born in USA. I work with my father as his personal auditor and we move around for his contracts where ever he is awarded. my mother died when i was 15 yrs. 

    Laura, 27