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Gays New York

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Group for gays in New York with the intention of arranging meetups, meeting people, friends and even a partner. Make gay friends in New York
  • meeting gay people

    Denis, 23 New York

    My name is Denis and I am gay and living in New York. I am interested into meeting more people like me so that we can make friends and share our experiences. We could go out and have nice time together. 

  • Meeting gay people...

    Diego, 35 New York

    Hey people,

    My name is Diego and I am gay! I have been trying to meet more people like me and also people who dont judge people like me:). I am a very social and kind persone and I love making freinds.

    I would be interested into meeting up in town and finding people who are open about themselves and their*****ity. I would love to find people that attend gay events so that I ...

  • Gay people meet up!

    Tony, 38 New York

    I am Tony and I am gay. I would for a company and I am looking to meet more gay people from New York. I would love to meet a good looking guy who would like to go out with me and have fun in a gay club.

  • Meeting gay people

    Eric, 36 New York

    My name is Eric and I am 25 and I am gay. I would like to meet more similar people and make friends. We could go to gay events and gay bars and meet more people and enjoy the good times. I am super friendly and outgoing.

  • looking for a dance partner

    Kiley B, 22 New York

    I love Jazz and and electro swing. I am looking for a gay male partner to come and join me on a fun night in Jazz avenues. This could be so much fun, all the night dancing and listening to good music. Let me know if you are gay and intrested.

  • meeting more gay people

    Martin, 39 New York

    My name is Martin and I am gay. I am intrested into meeting more gay men not only for dating but for going out to clubs and for drinks, maybe event attand gay events together etc. I would simply like to meet more people like me.

  • gay community, make friends

    Khira, 25 New York

    Hello, My name is Khiara and I am a gay women living and working in New York. I would like to meet more people similar to me with the same***** orientation. We could make friends,go for coffee and exchange our experiences, especially on dating scene:)

  • gay friends and new connections

    Eric, 27 New York

    Hey, I am 27 and I am gay. I have just move from Philadelphia and I am looking to meet more gay people in the new city. I am open for any suggestions since I dont have many friends here and I do not know the places. I would prefere meeting other gay guys from around here and make friends.

  • Looking for gay friends in New York or Philadelphia

    Lionheart, 35 New York

    Helllow, I am Jake and I am gay. I heard about a gay party this Saturday in down town club. I am looking 

    for more people to join on board to go out and have fun. If you are similar minded call me. gay 


  • Good conversations and build frienship

    Maggie, 26 New York

    first off I just wanted to say that my name is Maggie and im 26 years old and just to make this clear I am just on here looking for friendship only I am already taken by a beautiful girlfriend and she means the world to me so im not here to cheat on here just to have good conversations and build friendship and that's as far as its gonna get.