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Friendship New York

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In this group you ll meet all kinds of friends in New York completely for free and online. Find or look for friends in New York.

  • Meet new friends

    11 APR   New York

    Sweeties, my name is Tania and I am American. I have been living 3 years in Japan and am organizing chai workshops for teaching how to prepare ceremonial Japanese tea. The workshop will be held in a restaurant and if you are a tea lover who would like to learn more about this art contact me for more information.

    5555 Wow so interested plz can We be friends?
    1 day ago
  • Meet people in NYC to go out and talk and have fun

    24 MAR   New York

    Hi I would like to meet new people who lives in NYC 

  • Whats up group for friendships

    05 JUL   New York

    Hi everyone,

    I am Tome and I am from New York. I love being social and outside of the house all the time. I usally go to many events like music events, art events etc. So I thought what would be the best way for people to geth together and share their experiences.

    I would love to open a whats up group for friendships which would be an open discussion group for everybody to connect share their events and invite other people to participate.

    Friendships are very importants so if you want to go for drinks you could simply open up the group and see who is available to go out and meet up with you.

    Ali1989 Add me please 989363853357
    Ali1989 Add me please 989363853357
    Frank Neto Add me2347035766451
  • I am a men 28 years old seeking a friendship

    19 MAR   New York

    I am a men 28 years old seeking a friendship. i like playing board games and cards, watch sports on television, watch sunsets at the beach, cookout and just chill out with friends and family. 

    petejc hey buddy, any luck finding friends here? Pete
  • Meet people who are interested in go out and friendship

    13 JAN   New York

    I just arrive to New York, and whould like to meet people to go out or just to have a cup of coffee. I want to practice my English because I forgetting it :( You can practice your spanish too, I'm a good teacher!

    petejc Hey dude where are you from? I-m going to Argentina to learn Spanish for all of July. Looking for cool friends in NYC or Argentina! Thanks
  • Looking for new friends in New York

    31 JAN   New York

    Hi everyone! I recently moved back to New York, after living in the UK for a while and I'm interested in meet new friends. Let me know if you like to meet up!

    Christian Hi dear... You look pretty
    Christian My WhatsApp number.... 2348164487390
    Andrea Hi, how are you?
    John Mensah Hi Natalie, are you fun loving and willing to travel? Great friendship awaits ya .please to ya whatsapp 233244566729
  • Argentina friend

    08 APR   New York

    Hello! I am Argentina , I want to meet people in NY wanting to form a friendship . I have 31 years , separate , 2 children, work as a project manager and I love reading and traveling :)

    konie hi would value your friendship too am 27yrs but from kenya
    Cassie4e Hi I am also looking to get to know people :)
    Tunde Ghazal Moshood 2347032042627 WHATSAPP
    Paul Hi, my mane is Paul, I-m divorced, I want to meet people, my phone number is 9293374109
  • Looking to start a friendship group

    21 MAR   New York

    I'm looking to start a group for people who have a hard time finding friends. Male or female, preferably 30 and up. We will meet for coffee and see if we are compatible. 

  • Relocated from san diego cali now in nyc looking for friends:) girls or guy

    07 MAR   New York

    A year ago decided to move to nyc for school, been doing that eversince but i have come up to conclusion that i need a friend, to go out and explore the city, hangout, party, talk, etc im tired of being alone :) feel free to hit me up im a very cool chick 💁🏻

    Relocated from san diego cali now in nyc looking for friends:) girls or guy Relocated from san diego cali now in nyc looking for friends:) girls or guy

    Nawfal Nätchø Hiba I-m Nawfal Faress i really want a friends after 3 months I will go to NYC to meet some music producers so can I be your friend
  • wishing to have friends......

    06 MAY   New York

    Hi..i  am irshad from india. From the frebch province beach beauty Pondicherry.

    Age 25 male.

    Looking for friends to talk, hangout, party, share.....

    Looking forward to you.....

  • wishing to have friends......

    06 MAY   New York

    Hi..i  am irshad from india.

    Age 25 male.

    Looking for friends to talk, hangout, party, share.....

    Looking forward to you.....

  • Meet new people

    05 SEP   New York

    Hi! My name is Julia and I would love to meet people from all around the world to have a laugh and speak English/ Spanish/ German.

    nick plz send whatsapp no
    Muhawenimana Peter welcome contact me on my whatsapp 250785650121
    victor23 I would love to. please reach me out. :)
  • Meet people in NYC :)

    14 APR   New York

    Hi I'm moving there soon and I want to get to know people. I'm 35 and loves to do any activity really. So Msg me :) thank you :)

  • Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise

    17 MAR   New York

    I am outdoorsy, indoorsy and curious about everything. I love animals and photography, music and dancing. If it's a weekend I'm more than likely in the mountains or with friends at a house party. I love Hiking in New York

  • Meet new friends and fill not in heart

    08 MAR   New York

    HI Im dinesh a very loving caring friendly and jolly person and I look for nice friends to meet and chat and share with, to address all our need of sharing our care and love which makes one really happy without a doubt which is very essential for every person in the planet to be really happy, and which is this only thing which brings happiness to our hearts so please come forward lets be true friends of life and love and light awaiting for you my Whatsapp number is 919769006689 please connect and I prefer girls please thank you

    Meet new friends and fill not in heart Meet new friends and fill not in heart

  • Would love to meet interesting people.

    01 MAR   New York

    This year I'm really serious about building genuine friendships and I'm here to meet like-minded individuals to explore the city with. I love the outdoors, theater, art, nature, live music, as well as trying delicious cuisines. Looking to meet others with similar interests. 

  • Meet new people and Jazz sessions in NYC

    25 AUG   New York

    Hi I am Jake and with my girlfriend Ana, we are often going to Jazz sessions in down town bar. We are looking to meet other interesting couples who share the same passion for Jazz music and are in the mood of seeing some good gigs and having fun times with fun people.

  • Meet some people in New York

    02 FEB   New York

    Hi! Been in New York a year now and have a little circle of friends, but would like to expand that circle, or make a new circle, or even a square would be fine, go out to differents places. Also I often go to salsa places so if anyone is interested in that then get in touch!!

  • looking for a photographer

    26 JUN   New York

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Dean and I currently looking for a photographer for a couple of events I am orgaizing with some friends. The events are smaller parties, birthdays and familly gatherings. We are in a need for a professional help!

    Also I would like to suggest to people to attend out charity nights, that we are organizing in two diffrent locations in New York. This is a good chance to bring frieds and meet new people. The evnts usually contain a dinner and a cnoncert of diffrent musics. A chance for the young artists to show their tallents.

    Matthew Dean I have a great contact I will pass you!
    Joe hey Dean, on my wedding day there was a photographer! I will pass you the contact!
  • Hello my new friends

    27 JUN   New York

    Hi Friends!

           I am sophy, looking for friends to share all happiness, Joy and Sorrows in life with some loving One are you one of them if you feel so you are WELL-COME.

    Joe Hey Sophy, would you like to go for a coffe?
    Merry Sohie, there is a nice Jazz gig if you are interested!
  • Looking for people to chat with and make friendships

    30 JUN   New York

    Hey guys,

    My name is Joshua and I am from New York. I am in some transactional period of my life where I have left my old job and old girlfriend and I amlooking for new adventures and possibilities in life. Especially new people that could give me new ideas.

    I would be interested into making friendships and good relationships with people who have experience in life and are open minded. I would love to meet for a coffee one day ans simply chat about life and past/ futre plans.

    We could even go to a movie or grab a bite to eat! I would be super happy to make new connections! 

    Juan hey men! lets meet up in town this Friday? Does that work for you?
    Elizabeth hey i would be super glad to meet you!
  • Making friends and heading for events!

    01 JUL   New York

    Greetings everybody!

    My name is Elizabeth and most of my life I have been living in New York! I have my work and most of my life happening right here in this beautiful city! I have been going through a rought phase recently where I have broken up with my ex boyfriend and right now I am looking for a fresh start!

    I would be mostly interested to meet people in their 30s who have a certain life experience but still remain active and cheerful with life! I would be mostly happy to attend events with someone that include Jazz concerts, Salsa dancing, art exsibitions etc.

    I would love to find a compagnonship and nice people that would go out for a drink or simply go out in the town once in a while!

    Robert I am super interested Elizabeth!
    Abigali hey Elizabeth I would gladly join!
  • Interested into clubbing and fun events!

    02 JUL   New York


    I am Robert and I am one of the biggest lovers of night life! I simply spend a lot of time with friends in clubs and partys. I would be interested to meet more similar people who enjoy life and love to party!

    I would like to go out this weekend and it would be nice if I could meet more people in town for pre drinks and then cruz down to some pary or a club.

    I think whats up could help us communicate better and also if you like my idea, please bring more friends and lets all have a great group meet up! What do you say?

    Matthew hello Robert I would like to go clubbing!
    Anastasia hey Rober I am up for this:)
  • com and meet my friend

    03 AUG   New York

    i am interesting in sport especialy footbll ilove chelseafc and i always watch premier league matchs iam looking for ayoung girlfriend with beautiful eyes to date with her

  • hello friends

    03 AUG   New York

    hi, my name is rahul i lived in newyork. i have no friend plese friendship with me

  • Looking to make friends and to have good clean talk

    05 AUG   New York

    Hey guys,
    I live in New York....
    Anyway want to have a friend whatsapp group to talk about anything and everything?
    Anyone who values friendships as much as I do please hit me up

  • friendship

    07 AUG   New York

    hi every i need to join a whatsapp group for fun youthful people.....crazy people

  • Meet people to have fun

    24 AUG   New York

    Hello my name is Lisa and I am a 35 years old white American who is looking to meet people of the similar age group to have fun with, go out and chat. If you like cinemas, bars, and restaurants I am dying to meet you.

  • New faces, new friendships

    26 AUG   New York

    Hi I am Louis and I am 28. I was travelling around Europe for some months and now I am back and looking to find other travelers to meet up and chat about our experiences. Europe was so much fun and I am looking for similar minded people who share similar experiences like mine. Sharing is caring so let’s meet and go for a beer or two or three

  • Free ride in NYC

    27 AUG   New York

    Hey people, I am Mariela and I am looking for a ride from New York City to York. I am low on cash but I can always cheap in for the petrol, or use some company on the bus. Can anybody help please?.

  • Looking to meet a friend

    03 SEP   New York

    I am african and looking for good company and someone to chat with

  • Meeting other people in NYC

    21 SEP   New York

    Hello, everybody. My name is Rafael and I am 24 years old. I am from Brazil and I am going to NYC ina few days ( Oct. 8th) and It would be great if I had a friend there to spend the time with. Parties, bars, gym and so on. I hope you like to meet different cultures, enjoy new friendship and like to share good moments with new friends.



  • A girl that is in the mood for some good time

    31 AUG   New York

    Hey guys..My name is Maria and I am 25 years old white American. I am looking to meet people who are interested into making long lasting friendships, and stable connections. We can go out and eat, have some drinks and go dancing. I love creative people who are charismatic and easy going. I always consider myself open minded and free to share new experiences

    Kai I-d be down!
    Rafael Fernandes Hello, Maria. Would you like to share great moments with a brazilian guy who is going to be one week in NYC. I mean, drink, dance and make a great friendship sharing experiences?
  • Anything fun to do tonight?

    27 SEP   New York

    Anything exciting plans tonight in nyc? Bar or lounge?

  • meet people intrested to go out

    02 MAY   New York

    My name is Miranda and I have been travelling a lot, I have recently moved to NYC and I am intrested to meet people who are from around here and know the city. I would like to expand my acquintances and make new friends to go out with for a drink or for dancing.

    Samantha hey Miranda, lets meet up and go for drinks??Its Friday..)))
    Dorian i am up for a night out!
    Vangelis hehehehe sweeet, ill meet up as well!
    NG Hey girls would love to meetup but I have my 4 month old boy and no sitter today. What are you ladies up to?
  • I just joined this website and Iapostrofem clueless! Lol

    18 AUG   New York

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Sunny and I'm a 30 year old single mom of 2 little kids. 

    I'm interested in making new friends (like everyone else who joined here I guess ;) ).

    So let me know if you're interested to know more about me! :)

    Ok, I'm going to explore this website now, which by the way is not that easy on my small phone's screen! Lol

    Rafael Fernandes Hi Sunny. What about meeting a new friend from Brazil? I think it would be great to share great moments with a new friend in NY.
    NG hi Sunny I am a mommy of two as well how r u doing
  • interested to meet up after work

    12 JUN   New York

    Hey guys! I am interested to meet people for drinks after work. I suggest that we find a nice bar or a place in town where we could have casual meet ups for some chating after long day. I am very sociable and out going.

    Quinn yes count me i also! i need some time off after work!
    NG Hiii. You want to meet up this week?
  • Meet friends when I visit NYC

    14 OCT   New York

    I'm a 39 year old single mom from FL who visited NYC for the 1st time in March and have fallen in love with the city!  I've been two other times since then and have another quick trip planned in Dec.  I'd love to make some friends who live there who I can meet for lunch, dinner, a Broadway show,ect. when I visit.  It'd be nice to see a familar face when I visit, especially someone who knows what their doing in the city (I have no clue what to do there in the winer)  I'd like to e-mail, text, facebook, whatever to get to know some people before my next trip.

  • Looking for new friends

    18 OCT   New York

    Hi Everyone!

    I'd love to make some new NYC friends (online for now) who I can meet for a meal, drink, show...whatever when I visit. Next visit planned for Dec 20th. Haven't been since July & I'm going through withdrawals!😛

  • Friendship in New York City

    26 OCT   New York

    Hi I am 29 year old female moving to New York City next weekend and would love to meet some people for drinks.