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Friendship New York

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In this group you ll meet all kinds of friends in New York completely for free and online. Find or look for friends in New York.

  • Looking to connect with guys in my age range for friendship please

    09 sep   New York

    Hey there,

    Would love to connect with guys in my age group. I'm a fun loving sexy woman. Looking for fun chat buddies. 

    Hit me up!

  • Looking for new Friendships

    18 jun   New York

    Hey i’m new in New York as a Student and im staying for a pretty long time. So im looking to make new friends and an excuse to not talk to my flat mates! 

    Sohail Hi How are you I liked your profile I like to talk to you My mobile number is 15164747667
    aaronhotty Hey are you in Manhattan?

  • Whats up group for friendships

    05 jul   New York

    Hi everyone,

    I am Tome and I am from New York. I love being social and outside of the house all the time. I usally go to many events like music events, art events etc. So I thought what would be the best way for people to geth together and share their experiences.

    I would love to open a whats up group for friendships which would be an open discussion group for everybody to connect share their events and invite other people to participate.

    Friendships are very importants so if you want to go for drinks you could simply open up the group and see who is available to go out and meet up with you.

    sarkozy Please count me too 256706712124
  • Meet girlfriends to do things with (go out for a drink, go out, etc.)

    12 apr   New York

    I am looking to meet some new NYC-based girlfriends to do things with (go out for a drink, get coffee, check out the city, etc.)

    FatLoser Need a loser to pay? Message me LOL
  • I am interested meeting friends and meeting similar minded people

    10 apr   New York

    My name is Ana and I am single mother living and working without anyone’s help. I was raised in Canada and I have just moved to this city with my family. I would like to get to know more single mothers that are in the same situation as me. I am interested into spreading my social network and meeting similar minded people.

  • Hai Frdzz.. i wnat to chat with you.. please add me 919976641287

    24 mar   New York
    Hai Frdzz.. i wnat to chat with you.. please add me 919976641287 its my WhatsApp number..
    Gurmeet Rana hey friends i am new here want to know about people and them friends for life
    sigmound hello i wish we could be friends for life
    yahayaaa my name is Anita, i am looking for good relationship with you, please contact me true my email then i can tell you more about myself also my photos (
  • Meet new people for friendship in NY

    03 jul   New York

    Hy everybody, looking for some new friends in NY just to have fun and enjoy my free time.

    like music, sports and chatting with people. that simple

  • meet new faces

    19 jul   New York

    Thank you for visiting my profile, I am happy you are having a look It is always difficult to talk about yourself, but I can recognise something very clear in me, I am a very open person, a salsa dancing addicted and always willing to meet new faces.

  • Love traveling

    20 jul   New York

    I am lonely guy, working a lot... Love my job. Love traveling. See places, meet people. Friendly, I guess. Living in busy place gives me plenty of oportunities to do that. Friends, haven't got many of them.

  • looking forward to meet interesting and honest people

    29 jul   New York

    I would describe myself as an energetic and enthusiastic individual. I like cooking, but also enjoy eating out, exploring new places, live music, art galleries, traveling. My favourite sport is Snowboarding but I also like basketball and football. Our relationship should be classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in.

  • explore rich part of New York

    16 may   New York

    Hello, I would like to gather around people who are intrested into exploring the niche and trendy locations of New York or so famous Manhattan. I am looking to find people who would like to hang out in stylish bars and longes.

    Raegan hey sounds good! should i call more friends?
    Paris brillante! i am so in!
    YogaBoyEli Hello Miriam, I-d like to get to know you. I live in NYC, I-m looking forward speaking to you. Eli aka Shloime 347.620.4752
  • Meet some people in New York

    02 feb   New York

    Hi! Been in New York a year now and have a little circle of friends, but would like to expand that circle, or make a new circle, or even a square would be fine, go out to differents places. Also I often go to salsa places so if anyone is interested in that then get in touch!!

    YogaBoyEli Hello Mery, You seem to be a classy woman with a beautiful smile. I live in NYC, I-m looking forward speaking to you. p.s. I enjoy salsa dancing. Eli 347.620.4752
  • Friendship

    02 aug   New York
    Hi there.
    I am Christen.
    I live in Dominican Republic , I am a Christian.
    I am looking for friendship, you can Inbox me I will send you my email or my name on facebook so that you can see more picture of me.
  • Young at heart 25 year old looking for new friends

    13 jul   New York

    I'm new to NY & i'm looking to make some new friends..
    Girls only please for (platonic Friendship).
    I love drinking socially, dancing ,chilling out watching movies, shopping, & just having a laugh.
    I also like to keep fit too..

    Hope to hear from someone soon..

    Peace Orie Hiya, add me up on facebook
  • Relocated from san diego cali now in nyc looking for friends:) girls or guy

    07 mar   New York

    A year ago decided to move to nyc for school, been doing that eversince but i have come up to conclusion that i need a friend, to go out and explore the city, hangout, party, talk, etc im tired of being alone :) feel free to hit me up im a very cool chick 💁🏻

    Nawfal Nätchø Hiba I-m Nawfal Faress i really want a friends after 3 months I will go to NYC to meet some music producers so can I be your friend
    Peace Orie Nice Hair cut, please add me up on facebook

  • Meet new friends

    11 apr   New York

    Sweeties, my name is Tania and I am American. I have been living 3 years in Japan and am organizing chai workshops for teaching how to prepare ceremonial Japanese tea. The workshop will be held in a restaurant and if you are a tea lover who would like to learn more about this art contact me for more information.

    malikabiad would u like to want know how to prepare kasire wazwan
  • a genuine man to spend the rest of my life with.

    08 aug   New York

    I am an adventurous and ambitious gal, full of life! Looking for someone who can be stimulating both by intellect and looks!! I like going out over the weekends. Not much of a clubbing person. Love outdoors, walks and parks. I am very close to my family. Looking for someone who is excited about building a real connection. I enjoy meaningful stimulating conversations about current affairs and life in general. Love movies especially action. I like travelling, cooking etc on my leisure time.
    Love outdoors, walks and parks.
    I'm serious looking for genuine man to spend the rest of my life with.

  • Richmond hill, NY

    25 dec   New York

    I'm looking for new cool people to hang out with nearby. I also have websites to sell crocheted gifts, if you're interested.

  • friendship and*****family

    21 jan   New York


    Seriously looking for new peoples to be friends. Also looking for*****family to take car of them, learn from their experience, culture and improve my English.

  • To make new friendships, and get to know people.

    31 mar   New York

    To make new friendships, and get to know people.

    saleh1129 hey i want to get in touch with friends this is my Whatsapp 0022246919236 my email
    john blaise hey I-m John and would like to get in touch with anyone whatsapp 0705541391 or via email
    shahwaiz Razi Please add me my number is 03112802748
    Markos Dana hi send for me yours
  • new life, new friends

    23 apr   New York

    Hello I have just gone through a divorce with my ex housband and I am looking for a new fresh start, with new happy people and new energies in my life. I am looking for big changes and in particular with people. I need positive and fresh adventures and new connections.

    Star dust niiiccceee go girl!
    anovembre Hi Klarke, I just went through a divorce myself and looking for a fresh start, new friends, etc. Please e-mail me...we can get together...
    Miranda count on me as well...
    anovembre Not sure how this website works. If Klarke sets up a time or place to get together, how does he contact us? By e-mail? Can someone explain this to me, please. Thank you.
  • meet people to have good times together

    05 may   New York

    My name is Myra and I am intrested into making new contacts and meeting people. I have just ended a really bad relationship and I am looking for new environment and fresh start. I love dancing, singing, reading books and going for walks.

    Lyla hey lets go for a walk or something?
    Robert hey lets meet?
  • Meet new people

    05 sep   New York

    Hi! My name is Julia and I would love to meet people from all around the world to have a laugh and speak English/ Spanish/ German.

    danshook inbox me ur mail
    Peace Orie Hey there, i would also love to, add me up on facebook
    Peace Orie Hey there, i would also love to, add me up on facebook :peace orie
  • Life long New Yorker in Career Transition Seeking Intelligent Friend

    04 oct   New York

    Hey-As a life long New Yorker, always took for granted that NYC was an easy city to make friends in.  Turns out, its not.  After leaving my law firm in 2014 for a scholarship to get another degree and now trying to transition to a different career, I realized that the friends I had from childhood, college, and law school who were in the city are now either gone from NYC entirely or so busy with their own lives they might as well be gone.  Then I realized that every time I've been in NYC from when I was a kid to when I was working, I was always so structured and busy, I never had a moment when my day was not entirely planned out-and thus, never realized how isolating this city can be or how lonely. 

    I am looking for like-minded intelligent people of a similar age, girls or guys, who are interested in taking in all the city does have to offer, cultural, athletic, theatre, hiking, sailing, nightlife, food, or otherwise, because while it might not be fun to go at these events alone, NYC does have an amazing array of activities to choose from and being as I am from here, I know a great deal about many of them.

    Dating would be fun but if it happens it happens-mostly just looking for intelligent and funny conversation from nice and cool people.

    Maria Lebron Hey sounds like a common problem! Would definitely be great to make some new friends.What kind of activities are you into?
  • i like movies dinning romantic evenings like shopping malls and traveling

    30 mar   New York

    hi how are you I am looking to make friends in the nyc area queens prefered

  • Meet people in NYC to go out and talk and have fun

    24 mar   New York

    Hi I would like to meet new people who lives in NYC 

  • want to be with a positive man

    29 aug   New York

    I love my life and want to be with a positive man who understands that life is always better when you can communicate well. I'm spiritual, creative and I love music. I'm in good shape, enjoy the outdoors - hiking, beach, the movies..... I took golf lessons a few years back but never played. I'd like to try it again sometime. I believe that emotional intimacy and vulnerability are essential for a lasting, committed and fulfilling relationship. I'm positive and upbeat - strong, yet vulnerable. Some of my favourite things include reading, laughing and above all else, I treasure a time with my family.

  • seeking friendship

    11 aug   New York

    I like sport such as spinning, handballand more. My day to day is my work and taking care of my children. I am not just a Christian but a believer in christ jesus. I like to go out eith my kids and also dinner, cinema, theatre with my friends. I should not describe my character as I believe that i can only say the good ones but as you asked; so I know that I am reliable, trustworthy, laugh really loud, sensitive and reserverd.

    I am seeking friendship mostly cause I believe in nature will do is work. Above all I want a God fearing man black, white, red it does not matter as long as they can pray and love God more then they love themselves. Cause a man should be able to cover is loved ones in prayer cause that is the key to any good relationship.

  • Lovely and kind hearted people

    04 aug   New York

    I Love to make friends Hate lies Hate pretence Love generous people Love volley Ball
    Modern styles Love casual most times Conservative is out of it I am slim and not too tall My body size average
    Love generous people Love lawn tennis Lovely and kind hearted people I read books that motivates I love simplicity

  • honesty

    02 aug   New York

    I am pretty much an active and social person, gym three times a week. Love cooking and of course love to travel when time permits. Family is a very important part of my life and the few good friends I have too.
    I am attractive, slender and petite. I will let you decide on my best feature and depending on my mood my clothing style could be modern, casual or just plain lounge wear when I am relaxing at home.
    Honesty, honesty, honesty! I absolutely despise lies and cheating. I am looking for an attractive physique with a good character and strong morale value Someone who can make me laugh, fun and outgoing.