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French Language Exchange New York

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Group for learning French for free, meet people to learn French in New York, exchange French with French or local people.

  • hey, Bonjour, Looking for making friends

    08 apr   New York

    Just want to discover new interest​ing people. I speak fluent french(so maybe i can help;) and i also would like to practice my english (wich is not so so bad) as well, so i tought it would be cool to do it this way!

    gentleman heyyy , you are welcom this is my whatsapp number added me 212610230033
    gentleman heyyy , you are welcom this is my whatsapp number added me 212610230033
    Cliff G-ivans Hi guys am from Uganda and am looking for any donor to sponsor my education, all parents died, any one to help me this my what-s up number 256701610745
  • French Language Exchange

    27 sep   New York

    Hello! I would like to practice and improve my French. I speak english and russian, so we could do a language exchange :)

    carla Hello sweetheart how are you how about your business hope all is will please contact me through my email so i will tell you more about me (
    carla have a nice day
    carla my name is carla ives from USA am single

  • Meet people to exchange languages

    01 feb   New York


    I'm a french girl living in New York I would like to meet people living here to speak languages ( English, Spanish, French, Portuguese) and have a good time ;)

  • looking for people to make friends

    24 jun   New York

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ana and I live in New York. In my free time I love to go for a coffee or meet someone in town to grap a bite to eat. I love cinema especially french movies and I love French culture. Also I enjouy running and dancing.

    I would like to meet people who are simple and honest and who are looking for friends just like me. I am very much interested into making frienships and staying friends for some time .

    Also becaus of my passion for french culture I would love to meet someone who speaks french and who can teach me a bit to understand the language. We could meet for a coffe and do language exchange seassions.

    Olivia Hey Anna, could we meet one day in the city?
    Connor hey Ana and Olivia I would gladly join as well!
    Matthew hey everyone, I love french movies..i would love to join you guys!
    Marie Hi nice to meet you Ana. I think I will be the perfect friend for you. I speak french and I would also love to ha e friend that I can hangout with in my free time.
  • Meet people who genuinely enjoy life and psossibly speak french!

    12 sep   New York
    Am a french teacher and would like to make good friendships in Manhattan
    Jamal saadoune Bonjour Lara, si tu es toujours intéressée, merci de me faire signe. Bien à toi,
  • French exchange

    10 oct   New York

    Hello!! I'd like to improve my french and I could teach english, I'd also like to make foreing friends 'cause you never know :)

  • Languages exchange in New York

    20 sep   New York

    HI!!!!!!!  I would like to practice French, Italian and Spanish. My tongue languages are English and Russian. See you!!!!!!!!!!

    davidey bonjour! je me nomme davidey,comment vas-tu? well i can try to teach u some french carol. you can email me on thanks
    Reuben Uwa Good morning, I am Reuben, 2348140297504 (whatsapp me)
    HECTOR hi, Carolyne, am Hector, and am lookin for the same thing, practice my english and help -em with spanish, what abt it, my whats 525537256393 is from Mexico, whatsapp me and lets b chat friends and we talk abt many things so we can practice our languages, course my native one is Spanish, I guess urs is English, isnt? :) , Ill wait for u on my whats or u can let me a message on here if u wish... see u.... :)
  • finding people for surfing and beach activities!

    21 jun   New York


    Im and Andrea and I just moved to LA. I came recently here cus I got a job and finally I have liked it very much and I have decided to stay!

    I would like to meet more people for beach activities and especially surfing! I love surfing and I have never tried it before! I thinks it would be a good idea to go down the beach once a week and simply do all funn beach activities!

    I am interested to make friends form LA and in particlarly people that love beach and outdoors. I speak two languages so it would be fun to meet people from diffrent cultures and do the laguage exchange.

    Danae Hey Andrea I would love to meet you!
  • looking for native French people

    19 may   New York

    I would love to exchange languages with someone who speaks French. I would love to learn this language and I think it would be a fun idea to meet up and exchange my knoledge of English with this persone.

    Carolina i can help you i am native!
    Kiley B i would exchange as well, i speak Italian:)
    Talia je suis francaise! on boit un caffe?

  • language and friends

    15 may   New York

    Hey I would love to learn French, so I would like to meet people who speak French and English that could help me work on conversational and grammatical skills. Oh and my accet needs a lot of work! I would love to meet up in a coffee place and chat more about this!

    Kendall hey amazing i was in france for couple of months!
    Jade hahah i speak french, coffee?
  • language exchange

    05 may   New York

    Hey I am halph Italian halph American so I am fluent in both languages. I would like to meet people who speak more languages so that we can exchange knoledge, Italian for any other language, prefrebly German or French.

    Oriol i speak german, do you wanna meet up for drinks so we can discuss further?
    Luis hey i speak Italian:)