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Free activities New York

Your group to share free activities in New York or simply to exchange information about free activities.


  • I am a street artist, making my first exsibition

    03 jun New York

    My name is Re and I am a street artist working mostly with the material found on the streets of New York. I would like to invite people who like art to come and see my first exsibition on Friday night. My art is very realistic and I would like to share it with as many people as possible.

    Re, 35
  • I would like to find a group of friends in nyc for cultural activities

    29 mar New York

    I would like to find a group of friends I could go out to have a drink with, go to the movies,
    the theater. I am a laid-back person, a bit introverted, but I have a great sense of humor.

    Robert Smith
    Robert smith, 52

  • New group of Friends over 40 years

    24 mar New York

    New group of Friends over 40 years
    We do lots of great things: Karaoke, Dining out, Socializing, Museums, just to name a few.
    We are trying to build up this group and could use more members to help it grow.
    Look forward to seeing you soon!

    Louis, 42
  • going for run or yoga! Everyone invited!

    27 jun New York

    Hey people,

    I would like to invite everybody to come and bring their friends if they wish for a running hour this sunday. Some friends and I are organizing a group run along the beach side after which we would invite our friend that has a yoga school to do and hour of yoga with the group.

    We wanted to organize something healthy and for free inviting everyone to participate. ...

    Matthew, 25
  • looking for people to make friends with!

    04 jul New York

    Hey guys,

    I would like to socialize a bit more and to make new friends that would like to spend their free time with me,.I enjouy simple things like reading a good book and talking long walks in parks also I talk a lot so I enjouy chatting:)

    I would like to start a hobby like playing a sport or going for classes of yoga, maybe even dancing... All in all I would like to find ...

    Anastasia, 35
  • meet other people forfriendship and whatever interesting activities to do.

    20 feb New York

    New to NYC. Looking for company,friendship and share interests.
    francisco trej
    Francisco trej, 45
  • outdoors addicts

    16 may New York

    Hey my name is Reagan and I love outdoors activities. Lets gather around and make hiking together or running, free climbing etc. I would love to invite all outdoors addicts to come and join me on this quest.

    Raegan, 36
  • Hi Future friends, i hope we can get to know each other and enjoy happy t

    19 jul New York

    I hope we can share happy, fun activities together.

    David ngiam, 53
  • Letapostrofes party NYC

    04 jun New York

    Hey, I'm a New Yorker who loves to meet new people, make friends and dance, dance, dance! I host FREE parties, boat cruises, brunches and dinners. Text me if you interested 1-917-617-5236

    Al Sand
    Al sand, 28

  • organizing camping with friends

    19 jun New York

    Hello people,

    My name is Miriam and I am 27. I love to spend time in nature, reading books and going for long walks. Some friends and I are organzing a camping trip for 5 days next week, and I would like to invite people to join.

    We will be leaving the city on Thursday, and we have full equipments including tends, sleeping bags, GOOD MOOD:) etc. One friend is bringing her ch...

    Miriam, 34
  • skateboarding in New York baby!

    13 jun New York

    Hey guys! Some friends and I are going around New York on our skate boards. It would be so much fun to have more people with us cruzing the streets. So if you have a skate and you like the idea join us!

    Anabella, 36
  • football game is on!

    12 jun New York

    Hey boys! I would like to invite intrested people who know how to play fotball to join me and my friends on a game match in the evning time. We are casual players but we have a lot of fun playing and we always need preople to join!

    Quinn, 36
  • running with dogs

    11 jun New York

    Hey i would like to invite people to join me on my morning runs with my dog Samy. We leave the house early and we run for an hour before my work. It would be fun to have more people joining us and making us company!

    Katrin, 39
  • dance workshops............

    11 jun New York

    My name is Bo and I am a dance teacher. I am opening up summer dance workshops for my students all the people that want to do somthing creative for the summer. The inscription is now. And the classes will start on the 21st of June.

    Bo, 36
  • Holla hop Workshop come and have fun!

    07 jun New York

    We are organizing a small workshop for HollaHop and we would like to invite all interested people to come and participate in this activity. It is a two hours workshop and if you dont have your own holllahop we can provide you with one. We need 10 people to get this show on the road!

    Dona, 24

  • student union this week

    07 jun New York

    Hi people we are organizing a student union for the final year projects. We are a smal group of students that worked har all year and we are giving support and help to each other. So anybody intersted should join!

    Lu, 32
  • party tonight!anyone is welcomed!

    06 jun New York

    Hey guys me and some friends are making a Balkan party tonight, with electro swing sounds and etcno balkan beats! It for free and anyone is invited so please do bring your friends and good moods if you are coming!

    Suzzy, 25
  • psychology testing on obesity

    03 jun New York

    My name is Dania and I am a PhD student working on my final project. I am needing people to come and vlonteer for my psychological testing on obesity. The testing is really easy and fun and you would be doing the world a great favour. My work is based on obesity and effect of plastic.

    Dania, 35
  • I am a photographer!

    03 jun New York

    My name is Lolo and I am a travelling photographer! I love to take pictures of people and beatiful landscapes, I find inspiration in verything and everyone. Right now I am in New York for a cuple of days I will be needed models for my new project. Both men and women are wlecomed!

    Loro, 36
  • Needing help for Chineese

    01 jun New York

    I got a job in kong Hong and I need to find somebody who speaks Chinese tohelp me understand basic things and basic conversation. I would be very grateful if anyone has spear time for this! We cold meet up in a cafteria and caht a bit...

    Mia, 36
  • hey people barbecue time!

    31 may New York

    I would like to organize people to make a nice big barbecue gathering with food, drinks, children, sun and a lot of fun! The idea is to go to a camp site and spend a Sunday day having barbecue with friends and good people. I would like to invite more people to join!

    Dole, 36
  • interested into sharing music

    29 may New York

    Hey i would like to share my music collection with somebody. I would like to exchange collections and get some more new stuff. I love music and I believe I have good taste for it. So anybody is welcomed to join in!

    Dave, 33
  • walk around NYC...

    28 may New York

    Lets go and  have a walk around New York. I bet you dont have time to this kind of things and it would be super nice to just walk around and see diffrent things you didnt notice before. I am super excited to organize a walk around NYC.

    Berny, 36
  • i am making a party...

    27 may New York

    Hey guys! I am a DJ and I am makin a party this weekend in a secret location. The party starts at 22h untill the morning. I have a club and many people with good vibes coming. So I am inviting all of you to join and have fun. There will be range of music from RnB to HipHop and House...

    Daniel, 36
  • looking for people into sports

    26 may New York

    Hey I would love to meet more people that share the same intrest like mine, that is sports. I love all kinds of sports and athletics. I would love to organize a treaning for body and muscles by combining all types of exsercices.

    Chris, 36
  • football match, need more players

    24 may New York

    We are having a football match and we are in a serious need for more players. The mach will take place next week and we a re a bounch of boys that love to play football. We would need more players to jump in on board.

    Zuri, 33
  • riding roller blades

    22 may New York

    Hey people , all younger people, lets go to a skate park and have some fun. We could ride roller blades and meet more people. Even see people doing some amazing tricks and practicing skatig. I suggest Sunday as a meet up day?

    Corinne, 33
  • looking for people to make exercises

    21 may New York

    Hey I just gained a lot of kgs and I need to loose weith. I would like to find people that are intrested into loosing their weith also. So that we could organize a group work out sessions. I am intrested into doing any type of sports.

    Corinne, 33
  • yoga and meditation, meet people

    19 may New York

    Hi I would like to start yoga classes and I would love to meet more people that would like to join me! I think there are two or tree schools that I think are good but I am open for any suggestions. So people lets do yoga all together. If there is more people wannting to join, better!

    Jimena, 33
  • football in New York

    15 may New York

    Hey fellows! I would like to orgaize a nice old fashioned ame of football with some of my firends. We are looking for more players to join in and play the ball. We would gather sometimes this week in the outdoors. What do you say?

    Jordyn, 26
  • adventure sports, lets go people!

    14 may New York

    Hi I am a big fan of adventure sports like car race and mountain bike. I would like to invite all intrested people that share the same passions to join in and gather so that we can organize a marathone of advenure sports. This announcment is not for the ones with weak hearts:D

    Lily, 35
  • meeting people to play poker

    12 may New York

    I would like to organize poker and card games, so I would like to meet people who are sharing the same pasions. We could deffinatly meet up in a bar and have drinks as well. Anybody who is up for join in let me know.

    Aden, 33
  • intrested into meeting couples

    12 may New York

    My girlfriend Maria and I are intrested into meeting more coouples that would like to make friends and chat about their lives. We live together couple of years now and we would like to bring some freshness into our acquaintances. So we suggest to go out for a movie, or grab a bite.

    Adrian, 39
  • lets to acrobatics

    09 may New York

    I am a circus performer and I have been doing acrobatics for very long time. I am organizing workshops for body streaching and acrobatics and I would like to invite all intrested people to come and participate. All the workshops are for free.

    Josh, 33
  • people with pets

    08 may New York

    I have a dog and we are running every morning for an hour a couple of blocks around my house. I would be delighted to meet more people with dogs who would like to join me and Samy for the morning runs. We are two laid back guys:D We can grab a breakfast after the run!

    Boy-o, 39
  • meet people to discover hidden places of NYC

    08 may New York

    I would like to meet people who are simple and organized whit whome I could go and discover secret and hidden places of New York city away from tourists and bussy working people. There are so many amazing things jet to be discovered!

    Mina, 29
  • meet girlfriends in NYC

    07 may New York

    I am intrested into meeting women and making new girl friendships. We could do all the fun stuff together, go out and go for drinks, chat and gossip and take long walks down the beach. I am very light hearted and I love intresting people. 

    Denny, 26
  • football and fun sports

    02 may New York

    I would like to find a group of guys that are playing football regularly so that I can join in. I love this sport and I have been playing it since I was a child, now I am intrested into meeting guys who share the same passion so that we can gather and play ball.

    Dorian, 23
  • DJ ing and beach activities

    02 may New York

    Hey everybody I am Greek and I live in NYC. I have been DJin for couple of years and now with some friends we are organizing a free party down on est coast, near Manhattan that is opend for anybody to come. There will be a bar and really nice music witha  lot of artists playing. The entrance is free just bring your simle:)

    Vangelis, 27
  • go camping and spend time in nature

    01 may New York

    I am Donald and I have a wan that I am using often to go away from the city and disconetc. I would like to invite more people to join me for a camping weekend in the nature. I have all the equipment and we could share the expances for fuel, food etc. I have a dog as well Vegas who is such a sweetheart.

    Donald, 39
  • Niko
    Niko, 36
  • in hunt for fun people

    24 apr New York

    Hey guys I am looking to meet sociable outgoing people, who like to have fun and go out dancing. I am easy going persone and I love easy going people. Frindship can mean a lot so lets try to break the walls and not build them!

    Marina, 27
  • zen Buddhism and meditation with friends

    24 apr New York

    I am a spiritual persone, who love meditations and joga. I would like to meet people who are similar and like to meditate and spend time in nature. It could be fun if we could organize a group of people that would gather and meditate and practice joga.

    Nina, 25
  • tribal fusion open belly dance workshop

    19 apr New York

    Have you ever heard for Rachel Brice? If so you deffinatly have passion for dancing and not just any dancing but Tribal Fusion one. We are a group of several women collaborating with many other dance studios, and we are opening up a new dance workshop to teach about diffrent aspects of fusion. The idea is to break down the moments eg arms, belly, cheast etc and make workshops accordingly. ...

    Belly dancing
    Belly dancing, 30
  • I heard about a new market sale and I would like to check it out

    10 apr New York

    I am a big fan of flea markets and hunting for old furniture and treasures on Sunday garage sales. If you are sharing the same interest like me lets go together and explore the goods. I heard about a new market sale and I would like to check it out. 

    Paul Flemingal
    Paul flemingal, 57
  • I am Ben a graffiti artist from down town

    10 apr New York

    Howzit! I am Ben a graffiti artist from down town. Some friends and I are organizing a small art gathering with many fun people coming. There will be food and drinks all for freeJ and especially graffiti paintings and nice techno music. If you are an artist yourself or interested in this scene come and meet us. Peaceeee 

    Ben, 27
  • I would like to get together a group of people about 35 to 45 years old

    28 mar New York

    I would like to get together a group of people about 35 to 45 years old so that we can go out on weekends to have some wine, dance and just hang out. Does that sound like you?

    Jean Bacon
    Jean bacon, 37