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Facebook contacts New York

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Group for meeting people in Facebook in New York, get contacts in Facebook easily and simply; make friends, organize meetups and meet Facebook contacts. People in New York in Facebook

  • The reality of liberty irrespective of ethnicity

    05 feb   New York

    I love happy minded people who don't discriminate other people opinion. But contribute to their  idea.

  • casual meet up in a cafeteria...

    29 may   New York

    Hey guys, id like to meet nice and sencere people, preferably girls who would like to make friends. Lets meet up in a caffeteria and chat a bit about our lives. There is amazing coffee in one spot that I know down in Soho.

    Dave sounds like a great idea! lets do that!
    Marie Hi How are you Eva? That would be nice if we could become friend. It sounds like you have a great personality.

  • Looking for a friend :)

    23 sep   New York

    Hi guys. I'm going to Visit New York and trying to find some friends here before I've done this. We can talk here or play some video games online. I'm a talkative man, and it would be great to find somebody like me :D

    So if you're interested, please write me ;)

    Sorry for my poor English 

  • meet friendly nice people for talk , hang out and culture exchange

    06 oct   New York

    hi my name is Ahmed ,

    i have just been in NYC from one month and 2 weeks exactly , for studying in medical field and i have no friends here to talk with , hang out and to exchange culture and language . 

    i will be delighted if i have some friends here NY and it doesnapostrofet matter at all whatapostrofes your gender , nationality and religion , 

    if you are interested , donapostrofet hesitate to contact

    Maria Lebron Where were you before New York? How do you like it so far?