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Dating New York

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In this dating group you'll be able to find or look for a date in New York easily, responsibly, online and for free; meet your perfect match and find your ideal partner in New York.

  • hey, Bonjour, Looking for making friends

    08 apr   New York

    Just want to discover new interest​ing people. I speak fluent french(so maybe i can help;) and i also would like to practice my english (wich is not so so bad) as well, so i tought it would be cool to do it this way!

    gentleman heyyy , you are welcom this is my whatsapp number added me 212610230033
    gentleman heyyy , you are welcom this is my whatsapp number added me 212610230033
    Cliff G-ivans Hi guys am from Uganda and am looking for any donor to sponsor my education, all parents died, any one to help me this my what-s up number 256701610745

  • I-m looking for a best friend

    11 jul   New York

    Hi guys,
    I'm Love-ing, I enjoy going to gigs new and old big and little (I'm a big muse fan)
    I love to visit new places, try new foods and learn about different cultures.
    I'm looking for a best friend to share these moments with.

    luckyrajraushan I-m ready for.......
  • looking for friendship

    03 aug   New York

    Seriously looking for a caring and loving man to be in a  relationship with that will love and care for me no matter what so ever. I CAN WAIT TO MEET THE REAL MAN.

  • looking for a little adventure

    19 jul   New York

    Humoristic, social, brave, pigheaded love to dance and listening to music... These are some aspects that suit me... I'm looking for a little adventure and would be interested to see who or what is coming my way...

  • renting a room in a 3 bedroom flat

    28 apr   New York

    hey giuys i just moved back to the city again and I live in my grandmothers flat, that is fully renovated and equiped on the 7th Avenue, NYC. I have one spear room that I am renting out and I would like to invite all intrested people to call me and check for more details. Peace

    Daniel more info????
    Alessia I would like to know more...
    Navin Alex please tell me how much is the rent ?
  • p.e: Meet other people who are interested in hiking

    23 nov   New York

    Hello am Kasule299 David currently in UGANDA, am looking for friends, bikers, business people, love
    my email is :

  • Looking for people to have adventures with.

    24 nov   New York

    I'm an artist from New York, currently living in Nevada. I'll be moving back in a couple weeks. 

    After a series of crappy relationships I'm just ready to enjoy life as much as possible... 

    Hopefully at some junctures with a friend, which I hope to find on this site. I tend to be a nerdy, awkward goofball when the stimuli is right, otherwise, I'm the laid back and observant type. In other words, reserved, but not tame. 

    I enjoy drawing, painting and writing poetry. lets chats :)

  • easy going people and good times

    22 apr   New York

    I have just moved to NYC whic is the most amazing city of lights. And I am looking for travellers and local people with open minds that can make me some company and show me the good stuff! I love easy situations, places and people. Stay positive in life and enjoy evry minute of it!

    Blake hey lets meet up!
    Klarke definite yes!
    Kevin count me in...
  • find a partner for dancing

    12 may   New York

    I would like to start classes of dancing in two. So I am looking for anybody intrested to join me. I love music and dancing and I am super easy going persone. Lets go danncing??:))

    Alana hey lets go dancinG!! whoohooo
    annitta yuhhhuuu i am interested!
    Madison sounds great!
  • Iapostrofeve in New York for the Weekend

    09 mar   New York

    Visiting New York for the first time. March 12th and 13th Iapostrofell be available to hangout. Email me if for  further  details. 

  • Iapostrofeve in New York for the Weekend

    09 mar   New York

    Visiting New York for the first time. March 12th and 13th I'll be available to hangout. Email me if for  further  details. 

  • getting to know new friends

    20 jun   New York

    am 26 years old from uganda and i would like to know new people from different parts of the world to share adventure

  • Hey everybodyam here my name is Yaquob Naji .33 years old .sigle .

    22 sep   New York

    am here my name is Yaquob Naji .33 years old .sigle .never got married yet .so eager to have a nice girl for dating & am so serious 

    waiting to have a response 

    and this is my phone number to contact me on Whatsapp 


  • Meeting new people in NYC

    11 apr   New York

    Hi guys, my name is Lauren and I am an American women in her 30s. I am very light hearted and easy going person; I love reading and intelligent people. I am interested into meeting other similar minded people who are kind and in mood for making long term friendships. 

    anovembre Hi Lauren, Ditto. Many of my friends are married or have moved out of the city. If you are interested in meeting up, please let me know. How do we geti in touch? I am not on Facebook.
    Asad Raza Nice to meet you. :)
    Fernando Mrj Hello...add me whatsapp group prease...i-m from Brazil 5521995371298...tranks!!
  • would love to meet you!

    07 may   New York

    My name is Dean and I am from NYC. I am looking to meet a beautiful girl who likes to have good time and go out with me on a date. We could go dancing if you love salsa or jazz and grab a bite to eat. I am looking for someone good looking and funny, easy going!

    Denny hey i love salsa, lets go dancing??:))
    Nidra im up for jazz!!

  • looking for company for a night out

    03 may   New York

    New York city is the greates city in the world. I am looking for people who would like to go out tonight, clubbing, there are many good events and lubs. We could form a group of 5 people or even more and meet up for pre drinks.

    Janny hey i would like to make part of that group!
    Alain hey i am in!!!
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