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Cultural New York

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Cultural group in New York, cultural visits, meet culture fans, cultural trips

  • Meet new friends

    11 apr   New York

    Sweeties, my name is Tania and I am American. I have been living 3 years in Japan and am organizing chai workshops for teaching how to prepare ceremonial Japanese tea. The workshop will be held in a restaurant and if you are a tea lover who would like to learn more about this art contact me for more information.

    malikabiad would u like to want know how to prepare kasire wazwan
  • I would like to find a group of friends in nyc for cultural activities

    29 mar   New York

    I would like to find a group of friends I could go out to have a drink with, go to the movies,

    the theater. I am a laid-back person, a bit introverted, but I have a great sense of humor.

    Lakshmi I-m lakshmi. I-m Indian.. My mail
    Ilidio Mario Cossa I would like to have môre friends so that I can improve my English.

  • To make new friendships, and get to know people.

    31 mar   New York

    To make new friendships, and get to know people.

    saleh1129 hey i want to get in touch with friends this is my Whatsapp 0022246919236 my email
    john blaise hey I-m John and would like to get in touch with anyone whatsapp 0705541391 or via email
    shahwaiz Razi Please add me my number is 03112802748
    Markos Dana hi send for me yours
  • Making Friends in NYC

    20 oct   New York

    I'm a single mom from FL who has recently fell in love with NYC.  I've been 3 times since March & have another trip planned for Dec.  I love visiting the parks, going to the theatre, finding good place to eat, finding new areas to explore, and basically just enjoying the city.  I'd love to meet some NYC friends and get to know each other through text, FB, this page...anything so that maybe I can meet up with a familiar face for a meal, a drink, a show, whatever when I visit the city.  I would move my son and I there if I was brave enough but will have to settle for visiting often right now!

  • escape from the city fresh air

    20 apr   New York

    I am guessing you all need fresh air and to disconnect from the city rush! Me too..Lets form a group of people who want to go hiking, or to a field trip away from technology and cell phones. We all need to reconnect with nature and good people around us, have fun and some outdoors activities. Who's in?

    Maria yess fresh air, im in!
    Becca me too, i need this!
    Daniel amazing idea, cunt me in!
    1Coconut I-m brand new to this site and just saw this post. Are you still looking for people to go for hikes/ walks with? I-m interested.
  • Decent International whatsapp group

    05 aug   New York

    I have very decent International group "India and World". This group is formed to share Places / Culture / know International friends. There are members from all around the world. Those who want to get added msg me on whatsapp  919850556565

    yahayaaa my name is Anita, i am looking for good relationship with you, please contact me true my email then i can tell you more about myself also my photos (
    yaquob add me 00967777317631
    Emoghene Benedict Add me 2348135687752

    23 dec   New York

    Hi, how abt if we chat on whatsapp and we help each other to practice our languages, my native one is Spanish, and am lookin for someone who speaks English. My whats 525537256393 :)

  • I would like to organize a flea market

    03 jun   New York

    I have an online store and now I would like to organize a flea market for people to come and join freely. The idea is to sell the old stuff you dont need no more and meet new people and have fun! Please spread the word! and contact me for more info...

    Noise hahahha like a garage sail?
    Dania i would like to sell! I am in!

  • creative souls, making of...

    15 may   New York

    Hey I am working on some costumes for a belly dance show and I need more creative souls to join in and help. I need inspiration, ideas and fresh view on the costumes. Anybody who is creative and has a bit of free time,call me!

    Jordyn well done miss: )
    ayla hey i have free time and i am so up for this!
  • adventure sports, lets go people!

    14 may   New York

    Hi I am a big fan of adventure sports like car race and mountain bike. I would like to invite all intrested people that share the same passions to join in and gather so that we can organize a marathone of advenure sports. This announcment is not for the ones with weak hearts:D

    Aubrey yeees i love the ideaaaa<3
    Brooklyn yes yes i support!
  • meeting people for drinks and chating

    12 may   New York

    I would like to meet intresting people who are smart and passionate. Lets go for drinks and chats, I would love to make new friendships and hear new stories. NYC is a great city that offers so much to do. I am sure we could find an intresting event .

    annitta yes count me in!
    Olivia hey sounds super nice...yes!!
  • Jazz classes and workshops

    04 may   New York

    I would like to organize classes of jazz music and instruments. Jazz is very typical scene for New York and a lot of people are intrested to know more about it. I would like to organize classes of jazz music and instruments in my own studio. The idea is to have constant worksops for jazz lovers.

    Khira hey sounds amazing! heads up!
    Jack sweet , i am from UK and I would love to know more about Jazz!!
  • Art Deco Theater in the Radio City Music Hall

    14 apr   New York

    Whats up people! As you know there is the Art Deco Theater in the Radio City Music Hall and my date just bailed out on me. I am looking for anybody who is interested to go tonight, you can still get the tickets on the entrance.

  • I am Ben a graffiti artist from down town

    10 apr   New York

    Howzit! I am Ben a graffiti artist from down town. Some friends and I are organizing a small art gathering with many fun people coming. There will be food and drinks all for freeJ and especially graffiti paintings and nice techno music. If you are an artist yourself or interested in this scene come and meet us. Peaceeee 

  • Know people in NYC

    30 mar   New York

    To get to know people and go out for some dinner, go for a walk, go to the beach or the mountains, go on some getaways, to travel, visit some cultural locales. 

  • Looking for new friends, positive emotions

    24 mar   New York

     I am kind, affable, good-humoured, sociable, sincere and easy-going young lady. I am a real optimist I like life and I hope that it has got many wonderful surprises for me!! I am a pax3t of my country, I like it so much! I am a teacher and I think that it is noble profession, and I also like children very much! I am a new girl here and I am looking for new friends.  I am fond of sport, music and movies. I like reading, watching interesting films and cooking.

  • Looking for a nice friendship

    18 mar   New York

    I am a trainee lawyer,I enjoy reading,writing,music,movies and going out with friends.

    Seeking Friendship in New York city