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This website may use "cookies" to enable faster browsing sessions of our site and to ensure that you receive the best possible visitor experience. Cookies are small files used for storage and data recovery. We transfer them to your computer s storage for the purpose stated. Under no circumstances will the cookies control the user s personal data to compromise his/her privacy. Should you decide not to accept cookies, you may still browse and use our website in the usual manner, although it is possible that your user experience may be slightly affected. Occasionally, your browser may generate a pop up message which will provide website visitors with the opportunity to oppose the installation of these cookies. In the event that your browser does not facilitate this possibility automatically, you will be able to disable the installation of the cookies by following the instructions of your browser. Next, we will describe simply and clearly the necessary steps to uninstall cookies or prevent the installation of our cookies in major browsers. These procedures are subject to upgrading and modification by our web developers, so we cannot ensure that they will always fully adjust to the latest version available.

Internet Explorer

In the "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options", then go to the "Privacy" tab and select the desired setting and click on the "Advanced Settings" button. Select the box "Override Automatic Cookie Handling".

Check either "Activate" or "Block".

It is recommended that you select the option "Always accept session cookies" to allow optimal site browsing.


In the "Tools" menu, click on "Internet Options," go to the "Privacy" tab, enable or disable the option "Allow sites to set Cookies" or "Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked" depending on the version of your browser.

You can also eliminate installed cookies by clicking on the option "eliminate cookies individually".


In the "Tools" menu, click on "Configuration," and go to the "Privacy" tab. Then go to "Content Configuration," after selecting the "Show Advanced Options" option.

Select your desired cookie configuration. If you do not wish to allow their installation, you can select the "Block information from sites and third-party cookies" option.


In the "Configuration > Options" menu, go the the "Advanced" tab. On the "Cookies" menu, select the options "Accept tracking" or "Never accept cookies."

If you wish to have a greater level of control over the cookies that are installed in your equipment, we recommend that you select the "Ask before accepting cookies" option.


In the "Tools > Preferences" menu, go to the "Security" tab.

In the "Accept cookies" menu, select the box "Always" or "Never."


If you have an iPhone, you should access "Configuration > Safari" and from there select if you wish to accept cookies or not.

If you use a different browser, you may obtain more information on how to configure the cookie installation in the help section of your browser. If you need help in adjusting the cookie settings of your browser, please contact us via email at: and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide you with the information needed.