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Contacts New York

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Contact group in New York, contact women and men in New York online and for free. Free contacts.
  • Share ideas and make friends

    Barbara , 51 years. New York

    51 year old jewish divorced looking to develop frienship with a jewish man. looking to chat, share ideas

  • underground music

    Samantha , 26 years. New York

    Hey I would like to open a whats up group with all the events for undergound music scene. I am reffering to good Jazz, Reggae, concerts etc. For all the lovers of goodmusic and underground places, small alleys, concerts etc this would be a perfect chance to be updated on all happenings. What do you think?

  • new life, new friends

    Klarke , 28 years. New York

    Hello I have just gone through a divorce with my ex housband and I am looking for a new fresh start, with new happy people and new energies in my life. I am looking for big changes and in particular with people. I need positive and fresh adventures and new connections.

  • meet people to have good times together

    Myra , 36 years. New York

    My name is Myra and I am intrested into making new contacts and meeting people. I have just ended a really bad relationship and I am looking for new environment and fresh start. I love dancing, singing, reading books and going for walks.

  • Meet new people for friends

    Rafael Probo , 33 years. New York

    Chat Room

  • I love new friends

    Sheikh AL Bogh, . New York

    Im looking for new friends around the world if someone like to be my friend please contact number or whatsApp me. My number is 00923009188753.

  • to make afriends

    danny786 , 30 years. New York

    i looking for the girls

  • want to meet people interested in clubbing

    seva , 49 years. New York

    Hi I'm a Dj (Mr Soul) from South Africa and I need info on the house music scene and vacancies for Deejays in New York City please.

  • whatsapp group to be created

    Backbaron , 23 years. New York

    i am creat a worldwide whatsapp group to share life experience , culture ,music ,arts traditional cloths and many more .. any interested person should add me me on 233267403659 THANK YOU COUNTING ON YOU ..

  • Looking for friendship... from Chile

    David GC, . New York

    Hello Everyone, I'm David from Chile and I would like to know people for friendship and practice my english xD (its not well), share adventures, etc. Whatsapp 56956097075

  • Need a female best friend

    Ekissi503@gmai, . New York

    want to make new friends

  • looking for friends

    David kayuni , 20 years. New York

    hi friends i join you for sharing with you guys what we have thank you

  • Hai I want friendship from us

    akshay prakash, 19 years. New York

    Friends i love u.s i love friendship with u.s peoples.
  • hi there

    sigmound , 20 years. New York

    i want friends from new york and beyound so if you wish to be my friend then add me 2330503655825,anyway am 20 years and just wish to have some oversea friends

  • anybody knows a good Astrologist?

    Nickola , 26 years. New York

    Hey people I am looking for a good Astrologist, or somebody who can read my natal chart! I would be very grateful if you have any contacts or ideas where could I go to find one! Thankss

  • would like to come to New York for a weekend

    Tara , 36 years. New York

    My name is Tara and Im from Jersy! I would like to come to NYC for a weekend but I dont know anybody so if someone is kind enoght to host me for a weekend Id be so grateful! We could go out and have fun also I am in a super cool mood !

  • new in town !! beautiful NYC..

    Ben , 36 years. New York

    I have just moved to New York and I would love to meet people that can help me with this experience. I need to know where are the good places to eat, go out etc. I am very sociable and I love to hang out with new people.

  • people that enjoy good times

    Drake , 40 years. New York

    Hey id like to make new friendships with people in their late 30s. It is very difficult for people our age to meet each other, so we could have a coffee or go out for a walk and simply have good time together.

  • looking for an artist for a cabaret play

    Shakira , 36 years. New York

    I am a member of a cultural organization and we are currently organizing a cabaret play and we are looking for a singer and a dancer. The participantes should have previous experience in show busness and be prepared for a lot of stress.

  • i am making a party...

    Daniel , 36 years. New York

    Hey guys! I am a DJ and I am makin a party this weekend in a secret location. The party starts at 22h untill the morning. I have a club and many people with good vibes coming. So I am inviting all of you to join and have fun. There will be range of music from RnB to HipHop and House...

  • couples meet ups!

    Hannah , 25 years. New York

    My name is Hannah and I am with my partner 5 years now, we even have our own shop where we sell natural products for skin and hair. We would like to meet more couples that would like to have casual dinners and meet ups. We thiks it would be very intrested to socialize with people that are in partnerships.

  • looking for people with pets

    Bristol , 40 years. New York

    I have twwo dogs and tree cats and I think it would be a great idea to organize more people and their pèts for a long walk all together. We could simply meet up with ur animals and do a long hike or a simple walk around the city in more greener areas.

  • to organize walking exercices

    Tenly , 29 years. New York

    For all the people who are working and need some fresh air, I have an idea to organize a running exercices that would help you relax and refresh after work. We could simply gather a group of people and casualy meet up from time to time.

  • going to LA road trip

    Terry , 23 years. New York

    hey guys we are organizing a road trip to LA with out Wen ang good moods. We are planing to travel for a few weeks and we are looking for more people to join and enjouy a cross trip of the continent. Lets head for the beaches and nice wheater in LA.

  • beauty for women

    Tuna , 28 years. New York

    I am organizing beauty worksops for women, we are lunching new products for cosmetics and we would like to invite all intrested clients to come and enjoy the beauty products and workshops we are producing. For more info message me.

  • in hunt for fun people

    Marina , 27 years. New York

    Hey guys I am looking to meet sociable outgoing people, who like to have fun and go out dancing. I am easy going persone and I love easy going people. Frindship can mean a lot so lets try to break the walls and not build them!

  • zen Buddhism and meditation with friends

    NINA , 25 years. New York

    I am a spiritual persone, who love meditations and joga. I would like to meet people who are similar and like to meditate and spend time in nature. It could be fun if we could organize a group of people that would gather and meditate and practice joga.

  • Reconnect with the city

    Mark , 33 years. New York

    Hi guys, I am Mark and I just moved back to the city after some years. I almost forgot how beautiful the place is and how much it changed. I am looking to reconnect with people and places and somebody to refresh my memory. If you are opened and good hearted, contact me

  • I want a friend from New york

    Peter , 42 years. New York

    I want a friend from New york,kindly accept me to join you profile explains me better

  • Iapostrofem looking for a new friends in NYC

    Harry , 26 years. New York

    Iapostrofem looking for a new friends in NYC