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Camping New York

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Group for meeting people interested in going camping around New York; it may be mountain or coastal camping. Make friends with people while camping.

  • organizing a camping weekend!

    29 jun   New York

    Hello people,

    I would like to invite all the interested persones that would like to spend a weekend in nature to caontact me. With some friends we are organizing a group camping  a few hours away from the city.

    The idea is to go to nature and disconnect from the city rush, work, stress etc. We are leaving with cars and we are two families going. We would  love to have more people  to join on board.

    Aso It would be a good idea to meet  more couples like us, with children. All  of us have children so we  are bringing a lot of stuf t camping including tends, food, seeping bags etc. Joing us!

    Merry Hey Joe, I ove camping! Do you bring dogs also?
    Anabella Hey Joe, nice name! I am in for the camping, when are you leaving?
  • summer camp fun!

    13 jun   New York

    Hello! I would like to organize a summer camp for people on holidays in August. So anybdoy who is interested and has a tend should give me a call in order to make all the arrangements! The idea is to go camping for two weeks and relax in nature and with friends.

    Ana Perla, are kids allowed?
    Neithon i would love to come!
    yahayaaa my name is Anita, i am looking for good relationship with you, please contact me true my email here (

  • Finding friends for camping and nature exursions

    05 jul   New York

    Hello guys,

    My name is Ana and enjoy doing sports and all diffrent types of activites that are outdoors including running and yoga. I love spending time in nature and being outside. I always prefere going out for hiking or free climbing.

    I would love to meet more people that share the same passion like I do. I would love to organize a field trip outside of the city like camping or hiking. I would love to form a group of people that understands this ambition and that would like to go from time to time for nature exusrions.

    What do you say? Shall we?::)))

    Tom hi Ana, I would love to go camping!
    Niomi hey guys I am super interested also!
    yahayaaa my name is Anita, i am looking for good relationship with you, please contact me true my email here (
  • organizing camping with friends

    19 jun   New York

    Hello people,

    My name is Miriam and I am 27. I love to spend time in nature, reading books and going for long walks. Some friends and I are organzing a camping trip for 5 days next week, and I would like to invite people to join.

    We will be leaving the city on Thursday, and we have full equipments including tends, sleeping bags, GOOD MOOD:) etc. One friend is bringing her child also. So if you want to brink a pet it would not be a problem.

    We want to have an easy camping trip with food and a lot of fun. I am inviting everybody to come since the more the merrier!

    Diego hey Miriam sounds amazing for me! I will ask some friends to come along also!
    Maria Diego make some space for me dude!!:DD
    mike Hello Mirian and guys! Sure this sounds great id love to come also!
  • going to nature and making small field trips

    16 jun   New York


    I am Nino and I am halph italian from New York. I love good food and music and people who enjoy to laugh. I wish I could spend more time in nature going for field trips and camping in the wild outside of the city.

    I would like to form a group of people that would like to make this kind of smaller exsursions from time to time. For example we could use my Wan to travel with. I have camping equioment also.

    The idea is to spend your free time in weekends with friends disconnected from the city rush and stressful job. It could be a good opprotunity to make new friends and learn more about the world.

    Bella Nino, well done boy! I am defiantly more than interested!
    O-Neil yes i agree Bella! Id join also!
    Alex sweet! loving it! count me in also!
  • organizing an excursion...

    10 jun   New York

    Hey people, I would like to organize a field trip or an excursion with my kids and we would love to invite more people to come with us. We have a wan so we have space for more people. We would love to leave the town next weekend and camp for 3 days. Contact me if you would like to join!

    Ana hey Barny,,id love to join. Can I bring my dog as well?
    Mona id love to come!
  • people interested to go camping!

    07 jun   New York

    My friends and I are are organizing a  camp weekend next week. We will be leaving town with wans and spending 3 days in nature camping and making fire with marchmellows in the night. We would like to invite more people to come and have fun with us!

    Denis i would love to come!
    Nina yes also many places are there left?
    Don Michel we would love to come!
  • people for camping!

    30 may   New York

    I would love to organize a trip outside of the city. I would like to invite all intrerested people that love camping and sleeping in tends to contact me so that we could organize an exsursion. The idea is to go to nature and spend some time for a couple of days.

    Mire whooohoo niceee..i am in!
    ana hey nice on! id join...
  • to organize a trip to nature

    11 may   New York

    To all nature lovers, what to you say if we gather and organize a trip to nature that can include camping or hiking and all diffrent funt activities for out doors. I am looking to form a group of 5-10 people who share same passions for animals and nature, and organize a trip to disconnect from technology and city lights.

    Martin i love the idea, how many pple to we need?
    Aden hey great idea! I would join as well:)
    Adrian yes us as well!

  • Meet new people and going camping

    11 apr   New York

    Hello, My name is Drake and my girlfriends name is Tania and we are organizing a camping field trip with our friends this weekend. We are all nature lovers and we are trying to find more people who would like to go camping outside of the city. We have one space in our car left so if you are up for some adventures, send us a message . We hope you don’t mind dogs.