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Art New York

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Art group to discuss art, meet artists and exhibit your work online in New York, group for meeting art enthusiasts of all kinds to organize art get-togethers.
  • Looking for actress or other artistic female friend

    Joshua, 25 New York

    Joshua here, I am 25, involved in artistic industry. Im looking for new friends, valuable friends. All the time Im meeting new people, but its not what Im looking for... People wanna fun, I like to work... Maybe Im looking in wrong place, I dont know

  • Looking for people to have adventures with.

    Reserved but n, 35 New York

    I'm an artist from New York, currently living in Nevada. I'll be moving back in a couple weeks. 
    After a series of crappy relationships I'm just ready to enjoy life as much as possible... 
    Hopefully at some junctures with a friend, which I hope to find on this site. I tend to be a nerdy, awkward goofball when the stimuli is right, otherwise, I'm the laid ...

  • dating and meeting interesting people

    Tara, 34 New York

    Hello hello!

    My name is Tara and I am 33 years old, living in New York. All my life I have had long lasting relationships and I always had luck in love, however I am in a diffren mood now and I am very ineterested to date only.

    I am looking for a smart and talented guy preferably an artist since I am making crafting myself. Someone who is quite and funny and can always bring...

  • looking for people to ride skate board

    Tara, 34 New York

    I am looking for people who love skate boards or long boards. We could meet up and cruz the streets of New York together, we could go to a park and chill on the sun. Let me know if you are up for that.

  • looking for people that freestyle hip hop

    Gemma, 36 New York

    I would like to organize hip hop and rap events with artists that would like to freestyle with music. The idea is to bring together people from diffrent backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures unter the name of music. Rap and hip hop music is a very powerful art, so I would invite all intrested artists to participate.

  • ballerinas needed for an audition

    Hellen, 33 New York

    I am organizing a theatre play and we need more ballerinas and dancer. The open cast is from Wensday till Friday and if you are intrested into participation you can message me in private and I will get back to you with more info. Its about a French play L etranger from Emile Zola.

  • creative souls, making of...

    Jade, 28 New York

    Hey I am working on some costumes for a belly dance show and I need more creative souls to join in and help. I need inspiration, ideas and fresh view on the costumes. Anybody who is creative and has a bit of free time,call me!

  • looking for people who do crafting

    Nogyan, 33 New York

    I am an artist who makes necklesses and earings from all types of materials and stones. Right now I am intrested into meeting more artists who make crafting so that we can organize a flea market and exchange experiences. Lets all be together.

  • dance dance and dance

    Sweet heart, 58 New York

    Anybody heard for burlesque  dancing? I would like to learn it since I will be going to Paris at the end of the year and I would like to start theres lessons ASAP. Girls got any ideas of where could I do this?

  • people who collect old treasures

    alex, 36 New York

    Hello people, I am collector of old things, mostly i am intrested into collecting photographies from 60s and 70s. I have a huge collection home and I am looking to meet more people who share the same intrest and would like to make an exchange with their treasures:)